Introduction to Trukky

According to the All India Motor Transport Congress, India has about 12 million vehicles, with roughly 90% of them belonging to single-truck proprietors in tiny communities. This is what makes integrating technology into their life so challenging.

Trukky is India’s first pricing comparison website that allows customers to schedule transportation services online. Trukky is a logistics aggregator that provides on-demand transportation services for full load and part load products. The company provides high-quality service at a reasonable cost, and every shipment is backed by cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service. Trukky provides clients with a one-stop-shop for delivery across India. The firm makes every effort to assist its customers with special requests that a local carrier would be unable to meet.

Their strategy

Direct communication with drivers and fleet owners eliminates the broker/transporter profit margin, lowering client expenses and costs. Trukky can function as a one-stop solution for PAN India demands because of its extensive network of drivers and fleet owners across the country. Trukky serves clients/customers from a variety of sectors, including Paper & Pulp, FMCG, Cement, Agricultural Products, E-commerce, FMCD, and Chemical, with over 5,000 supply items linked to the system.

Customers and drivers can utilize the Trukky apps to join the network. Customers may book trucks in three simple steps using the Trukky Intercity Logistics app, while suppliers can use the Trukky Vendors app. Trukky has also created a rate index, TRaI, to bring clients up to date on freight cost changes.

What’s unique about Trukky?

Trukky is a web and app-based online logistics platform, which harnesses the power of technology, provides a contemporary and simpler manner of truck hiring and monitoring at the touch of a button. Trukky promises to offer greater convenience and transparency to the trucking industry through a rate index, live pricing, and a three-step booking tool. Trukky also delivers agricultural and heavy industrial items in over 50 locations across India. The company aspires to provide on-demand, high-quality service at a reasonable price, and to support each shipment with technology and customer care. Even though the brand’s core business is load sharing, it is not only a truck aggregator but also a space for both full truckload and part load.

Subhasish Das, Co-Founder

He is a former sailor who has worked in e-commerce, logistics, and media for over ten years.

“The idea came up when one of my friends was seeking help in getting her goods moved locally and when I tried to get quotes from the market, I was surprised to get rates with huge variance and with no service delivery guarantee. We thought why not build an app for truckers, but since the segment was huge and fragmented, we decided to start with intracity logistics in 2015,” he recalls.

Trukky was the idea of Subhasish Das (35) and Saswat Sahu, who founded the company in 2015. Subhashish formerly worked for TFS and has over ten years of operations and logistics experience, while Saswat has over eight years of product development experience for both local and international clients. He met Saswat through a shared acquaintance while working for TFS, and because he comes from a family that owns a transportation company, the idea of Trukky was mutual.

While getting started, the founders discovered that the sector was beset by a variety of issues, with pricing being the most significant. As a result, the team began researching the numerous dynamic elements that impact price and created a pricing algorithm to provide clients with quick dynamic pricing for both load sharing and full truckloads.

Their plans

Trukky is presently performing approximately 400 transactions each month with an average ticket amount of Rs 15,000, backed by a 26-member staff. Since its inception in 2015, the company has funded $450,000 in two rounds from startup founders and well-known investors in investment banking, technology, and manufacturing. LetsVenture, an online financing platform for early-stage investing in India, coordinated both rounds. Going forward, the business aims at more than 5,000 monthly transactions.

Industry Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Gurugram, Haryana
Type Privately Held
Founded 2015
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company
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