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Becoming the Ultimate Solution Providers to the ever-evolving Infrastructure Industry

Tell us about your company (Its Vision & Mission) and its services?


Even before Food, clothing and shelter, humans have the right to clean air! T&T is on a mission to create innovative, cost efficient, and energy saving solutions to provide clean, healthy and un-contaminated air for everyone.


Right from the inception, T&T has been working very hard to create assets, acquire and serve clients and most importantly, create an ethical and sustainable business model that can create multiple jobs, and surplus benefitsfor all the stakeholders and associated partners

What/who inspired you to start T&T SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES PVT LTD? What are the challenges faced during the initial process?

India is at the peak of its development with Industries growing at maximum pace. All the industries including Pharmaceuticals, IT, Corporates, Banks, Govt. Offices, Hotels, Hospitals etc. have huge HVAC systems for ventilation and air conditioning. These systems use Air Ducts for circulating air throughout the premises of the building.

All though HVAC systems are serviced during periodic maintenance, these ducts are completely ignored. There are 2 major reasons for that:

1) Lack of awareness

2) Lack of Duct Cleaning technologies

Majority of the population employed at these establishments face an invisible evil that lives inside the ducts of HVAC system. These ducts are meant for circulating clean and healthy air, but if these ducts are not cleaned, they become a major factor for cross-contamination of air borne diseases (including COVID-19), allergens, molds and bacteria. Confined in the indoor for more than 18 to 20 hours a day, most people are unaware that they are breathing stale and contaminated air, which is slowly affecting their respiratory system and by the time they realize, it is too late!

T&T has taken it upon itself to create awareness about the situation and to provide a solution to this invisible problem. T&T being a member company of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) uses technologically advanced robots and machinery to clean the complete air duct systems in order to ensure clean and healthy air for all its occupants.

What are your thoughts on the current scenario in your industry worldwide?

The USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and most developed countries have strict standards for Air Duct Cleaning, due to which periodic air duct cleaning is done at all the liable establishments regularly. The authorities take strict actions and heavy penalties are levied on defaulters.

Duct cleaning industry is very minimal or not available at all in under-developed or developing countries.

This is more than $1 Billion business just in The United States of America. Worldwide we can estimate it to be more than $3 Billion.

How robots are efficient than humans for duct cleaning?

HVAC ducting system is customized as per the needs of the establishments. So, there are no standardization of ducting parameters and it has to be molded as per the shape and size of the buildings. Being said that, these ducting systems are designed very intricately – on heights, bends, inclines and slopes. The thought of cleaning these ducts in the future, rarely occurs while designing the ducts. Due to which these ducts are inaccessible for most of the length of the duct. Manual cleaning can be done only until the duct is in the reach of human hand. Rest of the duct can only be cleaned remotely using robots along with other mechanical equipment.

We have designed such robots that can travel the entire length of the duct and can climb or decent up to 45 degrees. These robots can achieve higher levels of cleaning with precision. These robots also capture videos of the complete cleaning process, which we submit to our clients after the cleaning is completed.

These robots are low maintenance, they do most of the critical work, they don’t have any interpersonal issues and they don’t demand a salary!

Would you like to share your opinion on relationship with the Team Member/Employees/Partners to build a successful venture?

Quoting the wise words of Mr. Richard Branson, “If you take care of your workers, they will take care of your Business”

Robotic duct cleaning does not mean that we don’t have human employees at all. This work is only possible with the help of our hard-working employees. We, at T&T, have made sure that we are a 100% compliant company which provides all the statutory benefits, and some more, to all our employees.

We work in a closed loop system of giving the best possible service to all our clients, which in turn results in continuous and recurring business which in turn helps us to generate more business and fulfills the interest of all our partners, associates and stakeholders.

Would you like to tell us about yourself? What was your experience in academia and your achievements?

The Tale of Two T’s

Two T’s stands for the two pillars of our company, the Founders of T&T Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd. Two Friends who went on to become Engineers belonging to two very different fields of Engineering have come together.

Having a rich experience in the fields of Facility Management and Civil Engineering, Tushar and Tejas formed T&T Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd with the vision of becoming the Ultimate Solution Providers to the ever-evolving Infrastructure Industry.

We are one of the only 10 companies in India to have been recognized and affiliated by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association, USA).affiliated by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association, USA).

What are your upcoming plans forT&T SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES PVT LTD?

Incorporated in Sept 2020, T&T started small with only a couple of clients. But the hard work and dedication of our promoters has helped it grow to leaps and bounds which were unimaginable at the inception.

T&T has become a positive P&L company in the 1st year of Inception which has opened up a lot of opportunities. Our five-year plan which we had chalked down during inception is now achievable within 3 years.

Upcoming Plans:

1. We are in a process of patenting our self-developed robots and other machinery.

2. Expanding our reach to all parts of India, increasing the number of offices from 1 to 5 within next 2 years.

3. Creating at least 100 jobs Pan-India.

4. Investing in creating awareness about HVAC duct cleaning


1. Reduction in Running Cost

Removal of dust and debris from the air duct greatly reduces energy consumption rate. So this will help save substantial amount money on energy consumption costs.

2. Improve Health

The air quality of the house is usually important in terms of the internal air conditions. Dust, air contaminants, and toxic substances such as mould and mouse waste are frequently found in the ducting systems. If air flow vents aren’t cleaned out frequently, these contaminants can be emitted in the premises and may cause significant illness.

3. Efficiency

Approximately 9 out of 10 HVAC systems malfunction or fail simply due to lack of routine maintenance performed inside the ducts on regular basis. The maintenance costs in terms of cleaning required in the HVAC system are significantly cheaper compared to the costs of replacing the entire system.

4. Reduces Allergies

In instances where occupants have allergies, the air duct cleaning usually promotes a healthy environment for allergies and disease breakout. Regular duct cleaning prevents this and will also reduce complaints such as irritable eyes, sickness, dizziness and other allergy related diseases.

5. Eliminates Odours

A musty scent in occupied area may imply that dust, fungi, or mildew might be inhabiting the air ventilation systems. These odours can’t be removed just by using air fresheners. Having professionals clean your ducts will remove the smell completely.

Year of Founding:2020 8th September
Funding Information:Bootstrapping, Bank Loans.
Founding Members:Tushar Mudaliyar, Tejas Vispute
Office Locations:Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai-410218, Maharashtra India
Company Strength:16

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