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Ungrammary journey started with the start of the financial new year 2017, in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. They left their well-cushioned jobs to take a step towards a journey they had dreamed of for some time but not planned in detail. As young graduates, they thought a fancy workplace was required to build a team. They are India’s top-rated Interaction and UX Design, firm. They believe in creating a place where conventional perspectives are challenged and shaped into timeless stories. Empathy and the ability to connect with people are their greatest strengths. Whether it’s a product, brand, or people, they take pride in expressing their journey in the most truthful and consumable way possible. Work is an essential part of their life, and it need not be boring. They make sure you live at work. You have access to books; you can chill or simply have fun. They believe a happy mind is the most fertile mind.

Their UX Design team went through their standard ideation session, where they tried to understand the business mechanism, product line-ups, and existing website architecture. They help their client define the product taxonomy and branched user flow for different kinds of user personas. Also, their UX team conducted a workshop and several meetings with the product manager and ops team to understand the nature of calls from the customers and bifurcated it into several categories. They identified certain Blackbox in the process, where the customer was unaware of their employees’ transactional and compliance status. They helped the client to put that information readily available to their customers. 

Services they provide:

  • UX-UI Design: Their team has proven experience in designing exceptional products and product suites. They have the capability of solving complex UX architecture, strong data visualization skills, along with beautifully crafted user interfaces (UI).  
  • Presales Design: Business and marketing strategies are the core parts of a brand’s success equation. They look to tap insights and provide design-centric solutions that excite audiences to take action. They help you to bring your marketing vision to life with a creative process.
  • Post-sales Design: They understand the role of documentation in customer satisfaction. They support these endeavors of yours by creating the platform’s tutorial guides and DIY videos. Beautiful copies can be an effective weapon in your marketing arsenal. They provide brand-specific and design-centric copy for your website or UI requirements.

They follow an Agile and Agile sprint design framework which ensures that they are in sync with your development team. Along with tech-oriented: engineering, Product management, Analytics, and Data Science, they have developed design thinking frameworks to collaborate and work directly with business and non-technical: sales, customer support, marketing) teams. This helps them to consolidate business beliefs/ requirements and generate feedback straight from the CXOs. Ungrammary Honest People, Real Conversation, Great Collaboration.

Website- https://www.ungrammary.com/

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