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About UpshotHub

Upshothub offers a small team of highly experienced consultants that have worked in a variety of industries.

They opted to join Upshothub after realising (at different times) that they could put their knowledge to far greater use than they could in their previous jobs. In the beginning, not having a large paycheck bothered me.

However, the great sensation of watching our clients thrive rapidly made up for it! As a result, the team keeps pushing forward, making a difference in the lives of one entrepreneur at a time.

Over the last four years, the team has aided over 20 startups and a few large businesses across Europe, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia.

Leena, the company’s face, spent more than a decade with NTT, where she worked on complicated SAP projects in the US and India before returning to India and founding Upshothub.

She has spent the last decade assisting startups, primarily in the education sector, and has gained extensive knowledge of the business and vertical in the process.

Sales enablement, marketing, mystery shopping, process consulting, and quality management are her areas of expertise.

Process Consulting

When a new startup is created, as an entrepreneur, you would know what to work on and the products and services to sell. But the entrepreneur cannot do everything or be everywhere. (S)he needs at least a small team (maybe even one or two people initially) with a good understanding of the product and with proper processes to handle all aspects of the initial transactions. Just imagine a client asks a technical query in the entrepreneur’s absence, or they want to buy the product/service? How will the payment be done? What documentation is required? How will the after sales notification go? All these are basic but very important aspects that has to be in place from day 1. We have helped more than 20 organizations across the spectrum helping them set up processes for their entire organization from the ground up. This has helped them deal with aspects like closing sales, receiving payments and accounting for it, compliance and audit to name a few.

Content Development and Content Writing

“Content reigns supreme!”

The calibre of your content reveals a lot about your company.

It will assist you in conveying the appropriate value proposition to your consumer, bringing them one step closer to initiating an inquiry or even closing a deal!

It’s not just about communicating the company’s value proposition when it comes to content authoring. It must also have the appropriate keywords in order for search engines to index and present the website to potential clients.

As a result, search engine optimization should be a part of every piece of content.

Technical Content writing

Technical content writing is more involved than standard content writing since it must communicate a product’s or service’s technical requirements to a non-technical user.

Our professionals are experts in this field, and they specialize in translating difficult technical specifications into layman’s terms.

Company Status: Active

Date of Incorporation: 20 November 2015

Class of company: Private

Sources and references:http://Upshothub.Com/About.Html

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