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“Manufacturing Synthetic chemicals with controlled elements to keep the range 100% organic”

First, we would like to know about your life journey and career start. How was it in its early start?

When I was doing my post-graduation in Entrepreneurship in 1998, we have to make a project that we want to do after completing education. Being Chemical engineer, I first choose Chemical and dyes. When I surveyed, I realized that 50% units in GIDC were closed due to pollution norms or dumping from China. Second choice to apply my engineering skill was Food processing industry. When I went in depth, I realized developed countries are not importing processed food as raw material from India is not organically grown and unavailable. At that time, domestic market for food processing products was not developed. So, I decided that I will do instrumental work in growing organic food. Now I need to start from somewhere. After studying organic farming, I realized that organic manure is the foundation of organic farming. So, I took the project of Manufacturing and marketing of Organic Manure. After completing education, I joined a company as sales officer. This company helped me lot in making my project. Here my journey with farmers of South Gujarat started and within 3 months, I started my own trading of organic manure as a dealer. I started from my home as I did not have capital to start the business. I went on scooter from one village to other with organic material in dicky on my scooter. For first two years, my office was my home. In 2001, I opened retail outlet on rented property when I could save around Rs 40000 in 2 years. Gradually, took dealership of various companies and developed their markets.

How did you hoped in the Agri sector as a manufacturer? Which forces drive you to become an Agri manufacturer?

My key role was to provide advise to the farmers. So, need to recommend one or the other product. These products farmers must procure from the market. With time I realized that every farmer was not getting same results as all products with same technical are not of same quality. So decided to make quality products so everyone gets satisfactory results.

Also, we did tie-up with a company to exclusively sell their products. Also, company gave us exclusivity for a certain region. But we came across three instances, where company supplied their products directly to our customers. When third instance was known, we decided to stop working form other brands and decided to sell products in our own brand only. By this time, we were having 5 to 7 products. Also, with immense knowledge of market and chemical engineering background, it was easy to venture into manufacturing.

What are the products you manufacture? Are they synthetic chemicals or biochemical?

We manufacture and sell more than 130 products that are 100% non-poisonous. Our category of products includes –

Bio Fertilizers, Biopesticides, EDTA chelated fertilizers, Amino chelated fertilizers, Water soluble fertilizers, Fertilizers for Aquarium plants, Media and fertilizers for Hydroponics farming, Organic fertilizers, Natural plant protectors, PGR based fertilizers, Spreaders, pH balancers and drip cleaners.

They are synthetic chemical as well as biochemicals, but all are 100% non-poisonous. Our fertilizers include chemical fertilizers, but pest control range is 100% organic.

For our readers can you put some light on Synthetic chemicals v/s Biochemical? What is the basic difference between them?

Synthetic chemicals are one that made using raw material of chemical origin that are made in factory. They may be poisonous or non-poisonous and may or may not harm environment, human being etc.

Biochemical are the living organisms made in a laboratory that function as bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, enzymes etc. for agriculture industry. They are recommended for doing organic farming and are completely safe for the environment, human beings, soil, and plants.

Other than manufacturing what else Utkarsh AGROCHEM offers to our farmers?

We provide consultancy to the farmers by visiting their farms or by seeing the photographs of videos send by them and understanding their requirements and problems. In this, we guide them in various practices to follow, seeds or plants variety to use, what, when how and which fertilizers and medicine to use.

Also, we have made videos for more than twenty crops from sowing till harvesting and posted on our YouTube channel – Utkarsh AGROCHEM. Everyone can see them free of cost.

Recently started live sessions on Facebook and Instagram – where anyone can ask any question to any query related to farming and gardening.

We also have another company named – Treezwale Technologies LLP where we make, supply, plant and nurture plants and trees, plant and maintain lawns and gardens, make man made forests by Miyawaki plantation, terrace farming, indoor plantation etc.

From where does one can avail your list of products? In which state of India are you offering your products?

Our products are available online at www.utkarshagro.com, Amazon, Flipkart, Agribegri, BigHaat, Moglix, Agrosiaa and still adding portals.

For bigger orders and for dealership, customers contact us directly. We are offering products in each state of the country and have also started exporting. We have already exported to more than eight countries.

Year of Founding:1999
Office Locations:177-179, Golden Plaza, NH No 48, Taluka: Kamrej, District: Surat, Gujarat 394185.
Company Strength:twenty-five

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