Vajrakavach Strategic Solutions: India’s Only and First Pure Strategic Consulting Company.


What is Vajrakavach?

Vajrakavach is a company that provides management consulting services. Vajrakavach offers services in Business Intelligence, Chartered Engineering, Executive Coaching & Mentoring, Government Funding, Intellectual Property Rights, Strategic Business Planning, and R&D Setup Development. Currently, the organization wishes to concentrate on education consulting.

Vajrakavach was formally incorporated as a private limited company in the year 2011. In the same year, Vajrakavach received ISO 9001-2008 certification from BVQI, the world’s preeminent quality certifying agency. Vajrakavach received the “e-Maharashtra Award for Excellence” in 2013, and we also advanced to the final phases of the India SME Awards, AAJ TAK Care Awards, and IFSC Singapore Awards in the same year.

Vajrakavach focuses on enhancing our customers’ and clients’ brands and capabilities, and we follow the mission statement “Serve Man, Serve God.” We take great pride in our deliverables and product quality at Vajrakavach.

Their Values

The best personnel are required to solve the most difficult problems. They believe that the opportunity to work on the most difficult problems will attract the greatest people. This is the foundation of their business. These two aspects of their mission work together to make their company robust and long-lasting.

They have the following principles in their essence:

1. They Prioritize the client’s needs over your own.

They exceed expectations in terms of value. It does not imply that you must accomplish whatever the client requests.

2. They are professionals.

They are unwavering in their commitment to honesty. They keep their integrity while showing respect for local customs and culture.

3. They maintain the privacy of their clients’ information.

They don’t divulge any confidential information. They don’t even promote their excellent work. Because their main goal is to help their clients succeed.

4. They state the facts as they seem

Regardless matter how popular their viewpoints are, they remain independent and capable of disagreeing. They have the guts to come up with and support novel solutions to challenges. They do this to assist generate internal support, get to the heart of the matter and come up with practical solutions.

5. They provide the best of their firm to each client in the most cost-effective manner possible.

They want their workers to spend their client’s and firm’s resources as if they were their own. They work as a single entity. They maintain continuously high service and people standards so that they can always bring the best team of brains from around the world to bear on every engagement—with the largest breadth of industry and functional experience.

Mr. Milind Shendurnikar, CEO

He has more than 28 years of diversified experience in several industrial sectors as an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer with a superspecialization in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA. Many innovative technologies, such as carbon reduction technology, innovative contraceptive technologies, technologies for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, light-harvesting antenna, medical equipment technologies, bio sanitizer for wastewater purification, and many cancer detections and treatment technologies, have been conceptualized by him in India and abroad.

He has participated in over 70 national and international trade delegations on behalf of India. At various management levels, he has over 200,000 man-hours of training expertise.

In terms of social policy, his numerous recommendations for Lokpal Vidheyak, the Justice Mishra Committee on Crime Against Women, the UNCTAD Asian Treaty, the restructuring of the Planning Commission, the Nirmal Ganga Pariyojana, electoral reforms, and voting rights for NRIs, among others, have been accepted and incorporated by the Indian government, with some of them currently being reviewed.

Their Services

A) Strategic Business Planning

For practically all industries, Vajrakavach provides services in corporate strategy, business strategy, market intelligence, R&D setup creation, and human resource optimization.

B) Educational Services/Study Lounge

The Study Lounge of Dr. Manik, Vajrakavach’s Educational Consultations branch provides high-end educational consulting. They are a corporation that provides educational resources, services, and technology to help educators, administrators, students, and families achieve maximum achievement at every point of the learning lifecycle.

Industry Business Development
Headquarters Mumbai
Company category Limited by Shares
Company Type Private

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