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“Soil less farming from future perspective”

About the Founder

I graduated as computer engineer in 2006 and MBA in 2010 from NITIE, Mumbai. After a brief stint in ITC, I worked with Amazon for 11 years in different roles, geographies with last role as Head of Product, Analytics and Strategy for Amazon India’s supply chain network.

Since my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, I have been looking for alternate way for growing quality food without harmful chemicals that leads to serious diseases at later stage. After 5+ years of research, we found the profound use of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals that are impacting our health in long term (Sad fact is that India has reported usage of 52tons of pesticides in just one year-2020).

Knowing these eye opening facts, I worked with my younger brother- Prakhar to build state of the art hydroponics farms (one of the Largest in Uttar Pradesh) and launched our first brand: “Onlyhydroponics”. Our farms spread across acres and use zero pesticides, hormones or fertilizers, but uses 90% less water than traditional farming with daily harvesting done according to customer demand.

Company’s inception journey

Obviously, it is hard to leave an established career and start something new. None of the founders had prior experience in farming and using one the latest technology to grow was hard as India lacks both equipments as well as functional expertise in these new technologies. We had decided to not cut corners and focus on building hi-tech farms with only top quality equipments. We developed vendors to custom build our farms and worked with them to import raw material from EU/US. It took time, money and most of all, patience for us to build this company ground-up.

About Hydroponics farming

Generally it is hard for anyone to think that farming could be done without soil but hydroponic technology has made it possible. Hydroponic farming is a process and a gardening style in which plants are grown without using the soil. Instead of it, you use a combination of water and nutrients. When a plant is cultivated in soil, the roots of the plant reach out to the nutrients. However, when roots of a plant are exposed directly to the nutrients, then the plant does not have to waste any energy to sustain itself. Hydroponic farming follows this principle, and usually, the water is used to provide nutrients and oxygen to plants.

Farm Produce & Customers

We started with focus on salads, herbs and vegetables that are eaten raw. These vegetables are more harmful with the usage of pesticides hence we thought we should start with them. Currently we have several varieties of lettuces, Pokchoi, Kales, Chards, Spinach, Baby Spinach, Celery, Italian Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, Arugula, Cherry Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes, Seedless Cucumber, Broccoli, Baby Corn, Sweet Bell Peppers, Capsicum, Fruity Bell Peppers, & Mushrooms.

Our customers are across different age groups:

youngsters who want to healthy food/salads, middle age people who want to control cholesterol/diabetes & eat healthy and senior people who want to avoid harmful chemicals with focus on high nutrition value. Interestingly, we also have few pet customers whose pets only eat our vegetables.

The procedure to maintain cultivation quantity and quality

Quality is of upmost importance to us. We don’t supply anything if we don’t believe it is best in the market. Quality is maintained with very strict processes around managing the farm, packing and delivery experience. Our staff has been trained under a senior agronomist and follows strict hygienic process. Our farms don’t allow external audience and kept under 24&7 surveillance to avoid any pests/climate related issues. It is also completely automated to avoid any human errors impacting produce.

Along with processes, the quality of raw material used matters hence we use only non-GMO high quality seeds & nutrients imported from world’s biggest companies in EU with only RO water being used for irrigation. Our packaging material is high quality food grade and bio-degradable bags and complete supply chain is cold chain to avoid any issues during transportation.

Opinion on Hydroponics Farming in India

This is very early days for Hydroponics farming in world, let alone India. This field needs a lot of new generation’s entrepreneur (Agripreneurs) to come in and innovate. The awareness about these new technologies is low with general customers and as more people come in, awareness will improve. Indian customers are price sensitive and it is imperative for new companies to keep that in mind. Organic farming has come a long way in past 2 decades and I expect Hydroponics to grow in the same way if not better.

Year of Founding:2020
Founding Members:Shilpi Varshney (Ex-Director), Chandan Varshney & Prakhar Varshney
Office Locations:Regd office:1/463, Bank Colony, Surendra Nagar, Aligarh UP 202001
Farms:Berkheda village, Bahjoi, Sambhal UP
Operational office:Saviour Greenarch, Noida Extension UP
Company Strength:9

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