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Their identity

Vasshin is an environmental engineering firm dedicated to establishing a community of people who are committed to living a sustainable lifestyle. They produce a wide selection of bio-based and bio-degradable items that assist to reduce the use of plastic and, as a result, remove it from landfills.

Their Goals

Its mission is to be the firm that makes environmentally friendly choices at affordable costs so that future generations can enjoy the world. They encourage the widespread adoption of resource consumption patterns that are both economically and environmentally sound. For that purpose, Vasshin has created a one-of-a-kind selection of Eco-Friendly, Anti-Microbial Tableware.

Their Core Values

They are conscious of the gradual commerce involved in the transformation of pine needles into their products. They shed light on three core principles:

Industry : They put forth a lot of effort to create items that make a difference.

Natural : They attempt to incorporate as much nature as possible into their products.

Experiment : They invite people to explore with materials to discover new ways to be more sustainable.

The Inception

The Himalayan Pines, a sturdy tree species located on the rugged slopes of the Himalayas, is the source of many Anti-microbial compounds. These trees shed their pine needles and cones, choking off any vegetation and limiting flora opportunities. Vasshin collects these pine needles through their tribal empowerment initiative and combines them with resin to produce sustainable everyday products.

The dry accumulation of these pine needles catches fire every 3-4 years. According to the Forest Department’s preliminary information reports, a large number of ground-dwelling uncommon and precious flora has been lost. Not only that but numerous baby animals are killed because they are unable to flee.The fallout is just as bad. Forest fires heat the soil to a depth of 7-10 cm, causing it to lose its water-holding capacity. Excess ammonia produced in ash causes excessive emissions and soil nitrification.

As a result of Vasshin’s formulations, they can reduce the carbon footprint and keep everyone healthy as well as trap massive amounts of carbon through the preservation of forest carbon sinks.

Their Unique Products

Although they manufacture many nature-friendly biodegradable products one stands out. Their new Storage Container with Longer Shelf Life is one such product. Vasshin Agro Composites now offers 1litre containers that not only give elegance to your kitchen shelf with their lovely texture but are also durable. Furthermore, these containers enhance the shelf life of your items by utilizing the power of pine needles.

The material has been laboratory tested to ISO/JIS standards and improves cleanliness by resisting mold, fungus, bacteria, and the like, guaranteeing that your food store is safe and lasts longer.

Their product’s bio-based is made out of genuine Himalayan Pine Needles, and each purchase not only prevents up to 50 kilos of virgin plastic from entering landfills but also helps to avoid forest fires, conserving valuable flora and fauna. Vasshin’s Agro Composites products are constructed of genuine Himalayan pine needles and help to prevent forest fires in the Himalayas.

All of their items are food-safe and BPA-free and have been tested to meet FDA and LFGB requirements in the United States and Europe. This product also has an ISO/JIS validated microbiological reduction of 99.84 percent.

This Storage container product is both microwave and dishwasher safe. The packed pine needles give it an amazing texture, giving it a one-of-a-kind touch and sensation to the user.

Each purchase reduces total carbon dioxide emissions by 525.584 grams and nitrogen emissions by 38.859 grams, according to IPCC recommendations.

Abhinav Talwar, Co-Founder

His inspiration to start a nature-friendly company comes from his childhood experiences. Forest fires are ubiquitous in a dry region like Dagshai, Himachal where he grew up. He recalls seeing enormous flames engulfing the vegetation when he was seven years old. These trees used to drop their pine needles in the summer. They would readily catch fire, destroying the entire ecology. This led him to understand the massive loss of life, especially as a result of these wildfires. The environment and the rich ecosystem of northern India are being harmed by these fires. That was something that worried him as a kid. As a result, he founded an environmental engineering firm to protect the natural ecosystem while simultaneously assisting consumers in replacing plastic in everyday utilities. The goal has always been to provide environmentally friendly packaging.

Industry Renewables & Environment
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
Type Privately Held
Founded 2019
Sources and references
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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