Vastu Siddhi Architects

6. Ar. Mangesh Dalvi, Co-Founder- Vastu Siddhi Architects- Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in 2022

Passionate for creative architectural design

The Mumbai-based architecture and interior design firm Vastu Siddhi Architects was established 10 years ago by artists Sanjay Sawant and Mangesh Dalvi.

With more than 10 years of personal experience and good relations with business partners, the company has to date carried out many prestigious architectural and interior design projects. The company trusts ideas and solutions.

Core Values

  • Passion – A passion for creative architectural design.
  • Commitment – Commitment to meeting customers’ needs and respecting the principle of our services “from concept to launch”.
  • Collaboration – We repeat in a creative process shared with clients, consultants and contractors. We know that teamwork is an activity that enables people to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Innovation – “Imagination breeds innovation.” We challenge traditional methods to discover advancements and improved technologies.
  • Integrity – Our integrity is never compromised by our original design philosophy.
  • Excellence – Achieve excellence by listening carefully to customer needs and then exceeding their expectations with built-in results.
  • Sustainability – We lead by example and deliver environmentally friendly and responsible projects to our customers. We have the knowledge and experience to offer solutions for this.


To be globally recognised as a holistic designing firm, with the best industry practices and to enrich people’s lives with the built environment through strong, creative architectural design and inspirational leadership.


  • Turning every challenge into an opportunity; Each design in a beautiful and meaningful atmosphere.
  • Develop customers and lifelong relationships by excelling in value, quality, service, and experience.
  • Promote environmental responsibility through sustainable practices in operations, design, and construction
  • Build a sustainable business with operating systems, best practices, compatibility, and continuous improvement in all areas of the business.


Vastusiddhi Architects is a multidisciplinary company providing architecture and interior design services. Our strength lies in the architectural services of refurbishment projects in Mumbai.

Architectural Services

  • Feasibility Studies and Report
  • Design Development
  • Master Planning
  • Construction Documents
  • Design-Build Interiors
  • Facade Design
  • Project Management
  • Sustainable Design

Residential Redevelopment

Mumbai’s urgency is the rehabilitation of hundreds of years old residential buildings and habitats. Under the strict rules of urban development and the challenging conditions of the site, we are responsible for providing an aesthetic and functional design solution that is sustainable.

Interior Design

Over the years, Vastusiddhi has made significant contributions to homes, offices, schools, and the business environment in Mumbai. Our passion for design is reflected in each of our projects. We design a space that is worth experiencing. Our professional team is dedicated to designing and developing business plans, site monitoring, and researching new products and technologies. We are proud to carry out a number of well-known in-house projects for Residence, Institutions, Offices and Hospitality.


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