Vedic Astrologer Shubha Javaria


Transforming Businesses and Individual Lives through Time Theory: An Astro Science

How and when were you introduced to Astrology?

I inherited my passion for astrology from my parents and ancestors. Vedic astrology was used to predict the occurrence of various important economic events.
Growing up, I saw first-hand how this ancient science can make an impact on people and their lives. It was then that I decided that this is the field I want to pursue.

What motivated you to turn your passion into a successful venture?

In the early days, astrology to most people was generally synonymous with two things: Zodiac predictions and/or limited to basic life facts based on the birth chart. I wanted to change that perception.
This was the starting point for me. I decided to break the status quo. I dived deep into how I could co-relate planetary transitions to economic activities. This resulted in the launch of Time Theory, a pioneering concept to help time market trends.
I diversified my services to offer unique and professional services that were different from the regular astrology services being offered. I launched business astrology and financial astrology. Today, I am proud to proclaim the achievements and success I have helped my clients achieve.

What are your service offerings? How can they help?

I offer unique Astro consulting services across these 3 important streams:
Personal astrology
Provides hyper personalized readings and guidance to individuals. Also includes a SWOT analysis of important facets that has proven extremely beneficial for our clients.
Behavior to health, career to relationships, I guide individuals on the personal/professional front. My goal is to help them lead a happy and fulfilled life by making informed decisions.
Business astrology
One of our most in-demand services by SME’s, startups, businesses, and corporate houses. I provide a strategic roadmap to businesses for their success and growth.
A recent survey reported that 91% of startups fail in the first 5 years. Alarming right? We can help bring down this percentage. How?
By guiding startups/entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurship plan.
Starting from:
1. Business name
2. Format of entity
3. The most favourable business model
4. Funding options
5. Strategic tie-ups
6. The industry they should pursue
7. Investments and financial decisions
8. ….and much more.
For existing businesses, we provide strategic guidance and assist in crucial matters.
1. Strategic business decisions
2. Business model
3. Geographical location
4. Expansion
5. Diversification
6. Funding options
7. IPO
8. Partnerships
9. Hiring
10. Favourable time for Business deals
11. Mergers and acquisitions, etc.
Business astrology services will provide a robust roadmap, irrespective of which stage of the business life cycle they currently are in. This will help businesses move in the right direction at the right time and gear towards success.
Financial astrology
A service developed to help investors, fund managers, market traders, as well as, individuals and businesses with their financial investments.
Using Time theory, I predict trends for financial markets, metals, and commodities. My predictions have been consistently accurate with a 90% + accuracy rate.
We are offering a subscription-based monthly newsletter as part of this service. These help our clients to time the market and maximize gains while minimizing risks.
New Launch
I have recently launched Bliss Mantra ( ). It is an online platform that aims to offer holistic wellness and sacred Indian rituals. All at the click of a button!

What is your USP vis-à-vis, other astrologers?

Astrology should not be bound by superstitious or religious aspects. My approach is professional, completely research-based, result-oriented, transparent and precise. I treat it as a powerful scientific tool that offers innumerable benefits when used correctly.

What are some of the challenges you faced in your journey towards success?

My unconventional approach of using astrology beyond the normal scope was unheard of until a few years ago.
From building awareness, changing the mindset of people to helping them begin the journey of trust, I have invested a lot of time and effort.
Having said that, my persistence to make change happen, led me on a path of constant research, an open mind, and a lifelong learning approach. This led me to become India’s first women astrologer in the field of financial astrology. An achievement I take great pride in!

What is your vision for the future?

I will continue to advocate the power of Vedic Astrology. And aim to bring it to the forefront on a global scale.
I am constantly working towards getting people and businesses to embrace it with an open mind by developing a “Prevention is Better than Cure” approach towards this science.
Why surround yourself with uncertainty! Be in the know of things so it can help you make the right decisions, mitigate risks and take advantage of favorable conditions!

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