Veera Health – Care For Indian Women and Their Wellness.


Who we are

Veera is building a revolutionary ecosystem that puts Indian women and their wellness at the.

Our mission

Women’s access to high-quality, compassionate care should be easy, taboo-free, and seamless. We believe that women’s health is a human rights issue and one that is closely linked to women’s dignity, equality, and advancement in society. Through Veera, we are:

1. Empowering women across all life stages to take control of their physical and mental health without shame

2. Improving health with a focus on preventive care and early diagnosis

3. Creating broader awareness of women’s health needs

4. Increasing the number and access to progressive, judgement-free doctors

Our values

1. Better health for women creates a better future for all

2. Healthcare should be accessible, holistic, and personalised to the needs of the modern-day

3. Technology will be our enabler and our people will be our strength.

Ladies, no more:

1. Feeling scared that your doctor won’t keep your health information private

2. Experiencing shame in asking your real, intimate health questions

3. Getting confused by conflicting health advice from unreliable sources

4. Resorting to treatment from unlicensed professionals

Your health, your way

1. Veera helps women to take ownership of their health and feel safe and comfortable getting the care they deserve.

2. Hand-picked doctors to provide superior, holistic, judgment-free care

3. Receive confidential health advice from multiple specialities through the privacy and convenience of your device

4. Medically-verified health articles

5. Learn about your health and avoid common myths through easy-to-digest articles, fact-checked by real doctors

6. Your Veera family

7. Real experiences of real women

8. Share and learn from a community of women going through similar experiences as you

What we stand for

1. We wish to assist Indian women in gaining equal access to high-quality, dependable health care.

2. We put you in touch with the best doctors and experts in the field of women’s health.

3. We feel that safeguarding your identity and maintaining your privacy are important aspects of maintaining your dignity as an Indian lady.

4. Our doctors and specialists offer sympathetic, nonjudgmental guidance.

5. To diagnose, prescribe, and treat you, we depend entirely on medical science.

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