9. Kaustub, Founder _ CEO - VEFES - Top 10 Solar Energy Startups in 2022

Unifying renewable energy with digital energy transmission

Vefes is building a future where an intelligent energy network is known as the Energy Internet (EI) performs highly complex orchestration processes involving millions of billion units of electricity to ensure an uninterrupted flow of affordable renewable electricity. Vefes is a renewable energy data company developing a digitally enhanced intelligent network known as the Energy Internet. The network is designed to organize, balance, and regulate the power supply to create a synergy between production and consumption.

With the help of EI, VFS App will offer power solutions by connecting power producers with mass consumers, thereby maximizing savings with minimum inputs. They choose people from all backgrounds who pursue the opportunity to help establish a brighter future. If you have the spirit of passion, dedication, and harmony, work together with them and move the world forward together.

Meet their exceptionally talented team of engineers, designers, and project managers who share the vision and values ​​of their community. At Vefes, great leadership and enthusiasm go hand in hand with the right mix of passion and experience. Vefes envisions a future where switching to renewable energy is as easy as downloading an app.

Their App:

Their app is powered by ML technology to help you gain visibility and control over your electricity data in real-time. This way you can estimate your electricity bill in advance.

Access To Affordable, Observable, And Digitally Controllable Electricity Network

  • One-touch access to 25% more affordable renewable power
  • Increased financial savings up to 10% from Power optimization
  • Specialized machine learning algorithms tailored for Power optimization use cases
  • Purchase option from multiple power producers
  • End to End analytics, processing, and visualization of savings built into a single insights screen

Power Producers:

Timely And Targeted Insights For Impactful Decision Making

  • Over 20% IRR on the setup of the solar power plant
  • Guarantee on sale of power, thus reducing financial risk
  • Freedom to choose between multiple consumers
  • Map and control sale of power
  • Accurate forecast on future financial returns

Vefes is developing EI and power optimization by adding a new layer of IT and intelligence on top of the current power system architecture. The combination of their proprietary technologies such as PowerIQ, cloud-based AI software, and Power Flow Controller helps them to align everyone’s impetus towards delivering maximum functionality at minimum inputs.

Renewable energy sources are intermittent and thus cannot provide a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electricity. But power optimization is a technique that solves this problem by matching the variability in supply with the variability in demand. This balances the excess energy generated for power surplus consumers among other power deficit users, providing greater flexibility in the renewable energy distribution process.

Vefes is on a mission to democratize renewable energy by uniting all to create a digital network of electricity producers and consumers known as the Energy Internet (EI).


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