Vermigold Ecotech

11. Jaideep Saptarshi, Founder - Executive Director - Vermigold Ecotech - 10 Best Waste Management Companies in India 2022

Tech driven waste management for organic waste composting

Vermigold Ecotech is a cleantech waste management technology company. They design, develop and market innovative products for organic waste composting. Their range of Organic Waste Digesters is designed to provide their customers with a convenient and sustainable way to convert their organic waste into nutrient-rich compost on-site. They address the need for an innovative and technologically sound provider of Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST). their global award-winning products deliver real benefits to the end-user and the environment. Featured by the Govt. of India in its advisory on decentralized composting as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Their waste management systems create a significant impact for their customers in enhancing their marketable commitment to the environment while reducing their carbon footprint. They assure their customers’ peak standards of sustainability across the entire product life cycle with low operating costs and valuable resource recovery.

The team at Vermigold Ecotech has significant experience in conducting waste audits including large waste generators such as townships. They focus on objectively assessing customers’ waste generation and recommend waste reduction strategies.

What is a waste audit and why do one?

A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organization. Information from audits will help identify current waste practices and how they can be improved. Being waste-wise can mean:

  • A more efficient and effective organization
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Better use of limited natural resources.

The waste audit approach to waste-resource assessment is an important first step towards a comprehensive waste reduction program for your organization. It will help you and your organization assess your current generation of solid waste and plan the changes necessary to comply with the Govt regulations. A waste assessment can be an extremely valuable experience for a forward-thinking organization. By following this visual estimate approach your organization will be in an excellent position to implement a sound Waste Reduction Action Plan and help turn waste into resources.

Factors that make them unique:

  • Winner of National and International awards in recognition of our innovative environmental technologies.
  • Passionate to deliver exceptional value to their customers and create a significant impact on the environment.

  • Committed to innovation, long-term brand development, disciplined sales execution, and focused cost management.

They wanted to develop and market environmentally sound products that are unique and outstanding; products that employ cutting-edge technology for a sustainable environment. To be recognized as a distinctly innovative company with a deep understanding of its customer requirements with products that give real benefits to the end-user and the environment. Vermigold Ecotech operates in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally & internationally.


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