Would you tell us about your company? Its vision and mission.

Vinjamuri Innovations Private Limited, (VIPL), invents, develops concepts, creates prototype and samples and develops a complete manufacturing process to help establish a manufacturing facility for lightweight, high-pressure composite cylinders for gas storage and transportation applications. VIPL has offices in Ashburn, Virginia, USA (Vinjamuri Innovations LLC) and Chennai, India.

The Virginia facility leads the innovation centre and is involved in concept development, technology, Research, Development & Deployment (R, D&D) and conducts market research. The Chennai centre is involved in technology application & development of business models and takes up the marketing activities. VIPL collaborates with Vinjamuri Innovations LLC (VIL) in technology, R, D&D, development of prototypes and samples, testing of prototypes and developing the end-to-end manufacturing processes.

Our Vision: “Focus on alternate fuel technologies and introduce disruptive know-how for CNG & Compressed Gas industry.”

Our Mission: Innovate to provide zero-emission energy solutions, and contribute to implement safe, reliable and clean energy solutions to arrest climate change and global warming, improve the atmospheric environment and enhance the quality of life.

Our Values: Our cultural foundation is “SAFETY FIRST” in developing storage and transportation concepts, products and applications for hazardous materials. Our current focus is innovative fully wrapped carbon- epoxy composite reinforced aluminium Cylinders for pressure up to 350 BAR and contribute to faster adaptation of alternate fuels. Our employment culture is employee training, engagement and progression.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

We are the pioneers of filament winding technology, having introduced it to India between 1966 and 1969. Mr.GopalaVinjamuri, one of our Co-Founders, has over 50 years of experience in industry and regulatory procedures, including active involvement in US and ISO technical committees. Janardhanan, a production process specialist, is by his side. We are assured that, thanks to our technological experience, We aim to be global leaders in creativity, products, strategy, manufacturing processes and applications.

What might you find when you are looking at the overall process where something simple might have been stalling it?

Complacency in advanced planning, raw material supply chain execution, labour relations, changing regulatory burden, and sufficient and timely working capital. Furthermore, breaking into a market that has been dominated by Steel Cylinders for over 80 years with revolutionary new technologies is proving difficult.

Why should one prefer you?

We are the pioneers of this technology and manufacturing process. Our primary focus is on creating new applications, inventions, and designing and manufacturing high-pressure gas storage and transportation products for use in the for nation-wide expansion as we want to promote in multiple geographies. By innovating and evolving new technologies, as well as generating jobs and providing training for the Indian technical and labour force, our products will be made entirely in India under the Atmanirbhar scheme. We’re working on new high-pressure gas storage and transportation technologies, for which we’ve filed additional patents. We believe that when these innovations are combined with our current products, they will be a game-changer in the space.

Our Business model: VIPL is not just an inventor or consulting Company. Our business model is to find an investor interested in establishing a complete end to end manufacturing facility and market the product. Our role will to assist in setting up the facility, continue to work on the design of the product range and offer our patent on Licensing, consulting, strategy and Royalty payment model.

What inspires you to step into the field of CNG storage and transportation?

The world has recognised the damaging effects of climate change and is now focusing on climate changecaused by air emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels as a major source of energy for electricity, transportation, and as the sole means of industrial development. Continuing to use fossil fuels would be devastating for the atmosphere and life on this planet as the world population grows. Over decades of research and study for less polluting alternative energy options, natural gas, hydrogen, solar, wind power, and increased hydropower usage have all been proposed as short-term and near-term solutions.

The “Future Depends on Innovation,” as we say at VIPL. We see a natural fit opportunity to participate and help accelerate the adoption of natural gas and hydrogen as alternative fuels, given our decades of involvement in advanced structural materials, especially fibre reinforced composites. The storage and transportation of gaseous and liquified gas, including on board fuel tanks, for different types of transportation vehicles is a critical component of the gaseous and liquified gas supply chain.

Type III composite cylinders are known to-be the best commodity for a variety of applications involving extremely low temperatures and high pressures. This product is heavily regulated and must adhere to governmentapproved design, production, and use requirements.VIPL aims to implement a unique business model for manufacturing Type III cylinder with innovation, research, development and deployment.

What kind of support you needed when you started your company?

VIPL is a company that focuses on near-future technological advancement, testing, and growth. Our top priority is to use our skills to design and produce a viable prototype as well as a few samples of the product for testing and review before licensing to a manufacturer.

Initially, we needed engineering companies help to build samples and testing facilities in India, which was difficult. We relocated our product production to the United States, where multiple samples have been produced and a few tested successfully in India.

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

Even if we can try to slow the devastating effects of climate change, we must move away from crude oil, which is refined for diesel and gasoline. There are mature alternative fuels and related technologies that can be applied to vehicle design and production right now to help replace diesel and gasoline more quickly. Because of India’s population density, urban pollution, and history, the need is greater than in Western countries. Indian investors must understand that pollution mitigation must begin immediately, and that it will take decades to see a positive effect. This business is sustainable and profitable.

VIPL recognised that only to reach the potential domestic demand, the market for Type III composite cylinders is so wide that it cannot be a small-scale industry. Governments and large corporations, such as, Adani, Torrent, Kalyani, Mahindra, Tata amongst others, must assess potential indigenous innovation, promote, and invest in manufacturing infrastructure.

Technical and safety committees must be established by the federal and state governments to create and adapt safety legislation that are compatible with current pollution control needs. VIPL is now marketing its technology and looking for investors to help them manufacture the Products. VIPL is one of India’s leading start-up companies, with a practical strategy and ample information to launch a medium or large-scale industry.

How do you work on making the industry better? What are your upcoming projects?

India has practically no composite cylinder manufacturing for the high-pressure gas transportation industry. VIPL believes that there is truly little uncertainty and no investment risk to inhibit initiating this industry in India. Educating the investor appears to be a significant challenge, especially for a start-up innovation company like VIPL.

VIPL intends to begin work on new components and products with enhanced features in the coming years, with the aim of bringing innovative transportation technology to high-pressure gases such as CNG and Hydrogen, among others, including the field of cryogenics.

Please tell us about the CEO/Founder of the company.

VIPL was co-founded by the original product inventor Mr Gopala Krishna Vinjamuri and Mr T.V.Janardhanan, who brings in the manufacturing expertise.

Gopala Krishna Vinjamuri – Innovator, Co-Founder and Director

Vinjamuri Innovations LLC, a small business based in the United States, was established in 2013 by Gopala Krishna Vinjamuri as the CEO and Senior Principal. He is a well-known specialist in the design, testing, and manufacturing of composite cylinders. He has a patent for the manufacture of metallic liners for filament-wound composite -Type 3 cylinders.

He has experience in multidisciplinary engineering, R&D, and government service spanning more than 50 years. He spent over 15 years in the industry and 17 years in the US Department of Transportation (US-DOT) as a senior technical officer – regulations and compliance in the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) before founding Vinjamuri Innovations LLC. He has contributed to a number of publications, including the US DOT Standard for Fully Wrapped Carbon Fibre Composite Cylinders (DOT-CFFC), which is the forerunner to the ISO Specifications that are used around the world.

After the retirement, he invented a new manufacturing method for metallic liners for filament-wound composite high-pressure tanks. Mr.Vinjamuri was a pioneer in the production of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP). He holds a patent for a composite cylinder production process in the United States and India.

Earlier in his career, while employed at the National Aeronautical Lab. in Bangalore, India (1960-1969), he pioneered the implementation of composite materials technology (India Patent Specification #111958 1968 for “An indigenous concept of filament Winding Machine”). He developed filament wound FRP Nose Cones for Weather Rockets RH-75 for (Late) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam AT TERLS Trivandram.

He is still active in both national (US) and international standards (ISO) committees as related to compressed gas cylinders.


1.Awards include United Nations – ICAO Fellowship for training at NASA Hampton VA (1964-66)

2.India Invention Promotion Board Presidential Award (1968).

ThirumalaiVinchimoorJanardhanan -Co-Founder & Managing Director

T.V.Janardhanan is the Co-Founder and promoter of Vinjamuri Innovations Pvt Ltd., a product design and engineering company based in India. He has specialised in the design, manufacture, and testing of composite cylinders. He has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and IT industries, includes 16 years of experience in manufacturing and specialisation in low-cost manufacturing processes and developments.

He collaborated with Gopala Krishnan Vinjamuri on the design and manufacture of Fully Wrapped Carbon Fibre Composite Cylinders, as well as developing a new manufacturing process for metallic liners for filament-wound composite high-pressure tanks.

He promoted multiple enterprises in the 1990s for cost-effective automation with specialization in the design and manufacture of special-purpose machinery, for auto components and the electrical component industry. Projects involved using Hydro Pneumatic cylinders and tooling to reduce the cost of manufacture.He was involved in setting up multiple Greenfield ventures in Engineering, toolroom and Information technology sectors. All plants are in operation.

An out of the box thinker, had created many affordable industry solutions, in his earlier stint in the manufacturing facilities. Also, he had worked in the IT Industry, as an SAP expert and developed expertise in end-to-end solutions of small (up to 3 Million USD) to large deals (30 Million + USD). He was one of the earlier experts in a specialized ERP – SAP – DFPS (Defence software solution).

Details of the company:

Year of FoundingIndia 2019 and Virginia USA 2013. Focus is currently an Indian venture.
Funding InformationInitial Capital in India INR 10.0 Lakhs USA effort and Research and development funding USD 450000 (INR 3.38 Crores)
Founding MembersMr.Gopala Krishna Vinjamuri USAMr.Janardhanan Thirumalai Vinchimoor – Chennai, India
Office LocationsNew 11, Rams Ville, 2nd Main Road, Vijayanagar, Velachery, Chennai – 600042. Tamilnadu, India.
Company Strength3 Directors taking care of operations. Using freelance support of 2 to 3 people as needed for research and development activities.
Sources and references Vinjamuri
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