6. Megha Misra, CMO- vLearnLive- 10 Most Powerful Leaders of Successful Companies to Follow in 2022

The Covid-19 induced shutdown affected schooling and learning, including teaching and assessment methodologies. However, this gap was rapidly filled by e-learning as schools, colleges and educational institutions were quick to shift teaching and learning online. While e-learning had been growing rapidly in recent years, India is now witnessing an e-learning boom since the pandemic emerged.

vLearnLive is an open platform for Learners and Educators to connect, collaborate and engage in Live Interactive Online Classes through its built-in online learning application. Learners can post their requirements to interested Educators and interact with them, to undertake classes on vLearnLive. Educators can utilize vLearnLive to enhance their reach to Learners across geographies, thereby maximizing their earning potential.

Courses they have

How they Work

  1. Post your Learning Needs: Broadcast your requirements i.e., subject and level to relevant Educators.
  2. Get Contacted: Interested Educators will contact you to understand the requirement. Request for a free demo class.
  3. Discuss, Customise & Pay: Choose your Educator, agree on the scope of learning requirements, schedule, and price.
  4. Get Started: Pay online and enjoy live interactive sessions on the agreed date and time.

The biggest challenge for the e-learning industry in India is the lack of technological penetration in rural areas. Given that most of our population (65.53%) resides in rural areas, this is a serious issue that needs to be tackled. Luckily, the government has launched several initiatives to fast-track technological development of Indian villages and these initiatives may bridge the gap between urban and rural education.

E-learning has shown tremendous potential towards transforming the education industry in the country. With the emergence of new e-learning platforms and the growing competitiveness among them, we may see better content, better tools, and better teaching strategies shortly.

Website-  https://www.vlearnlive.com/          

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