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“Transform the quality of data captured to simplify workflows and drive actions”

Business runs on the quality of its intelligence, yet reports are often inaccurate or slow. Vyntelligence India Pvt Ltd is here to solve this problem and build an event-driven customer interaction platform. They want to create a more human business environment, powered by more human communications and using technology to simplify and improve our working lives. Video and mobile are at the heart of this vision. They recognized that whilst business is increasingly mobile, many business tools are not. As businesses seek to improve productivity in their mobile teams, they lack the appropriate tools to make both users’ and managers’ lives easier. They saw that solutions such as CRM systems were not as effective or efficient as they could be, because the people who were integral to capturing the data that drives them weren’t sufficiently considered in the design process.

At any time, anywhere economy they identified that they needed to reach the right person, at the right time, to capture the right information. This was the high-value human intelligence that was missing from business workflows. And if that intelligence, once captured, could be operationalized, it would drive better, faster decision-making and revolutionize productivity for any workflow. That’s the reason they designed and built a simple, intuitive, and intrinsically human solution to this problem – vyn.

What Vyntelligence deliver:

  • Video-enabled structured data capture into enterprise systems, to enhance and replace manual/text form fields in just 60 seconds.
  • Timely, auto-labeled, and rich data to drive higher compliance and productivity to save on costs as leaders gain better insight to act faster.
  • Enterprise-grade security, open API SaaS platform designed for any workflow integration e.g. CRM (Salesforce), FSM, and people systems.
  • Personalized, prompted workflows* to enhance data capture and encourage actions for better planning, timely interventions, and a focus on next steps.
  • AI-powered Computer Vision & Natural language processing, video search and analyses deliver quantitative trends from qualitative data for richer, smarter business decisions.
  • Automated (AI-powered) and manual annotations and leading indicators for rapid action by the right person at right time.
  • Geolocation map-based interface and intuitive dashboards to track analyze and get the job done.

VYN SmartVideoNotes makes it easy to capture high-quality updates from the field, site visits, or any client interaction directly into your workflow. You can also securely share them with a wider team. Accelerate data flow from your field teams to drive higher productivity and richer compliance. Ask the people who know best. Their purpose is to simplify life for busy professionals who are always on the move. They want to create a more human business environment, powered by more human communications. Because they enable more effective and productive communications, they save people time. This allows for more quality time with clients and more quality time with their friends and families. Vyntelligence purpose drives their values.

Website- https://vyntelligence.com/

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