Wager – The Most Trusted Manufacturer and Private Labeller of Sanitary Napkins


Wager Group, founded in 2009, has developed to become India’s most trusted manufacturer and private labeler of sanitary napkins, as well as an outstanding maker of automatic sanitary napkin-making machines, thanks to its high level of devotion and exceptional efficiency.

Their automatic machines are unrivaled examples of modern engineering, and they all operate with the least amount of energy usage. They never compromise on product quality. Their ongoing research and study have resulted in a wide selection of custom-made items to fulfill the needs of their clients and the end-users in their markets. They are proud of the high quality of their products and the sincerity with which they provide client service.

Mr. Jinoj Kandankovil, Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Jinoj Kandankovil, the company’s founder and managing director, is one of India’s most promising and successful industrialists. They have supplied more than 30 innovative sanitary napkin product designs to their renowned clientele around the country and internationally under his instinctive supervision and progressive leadership. His extensive industrial experience and straightforward approach have earned him a loyal following.

Their Salient Features

Private Labelling

Wager International, India’s first private-label producer, provides A to Z napkin manufacturing services and exports to clients all over the world. They create items that are tailored to the needs of their customers, resulting in a large number of satisfied and returning customers. They provide end-to-end Private Labeling services under one roof.

Monthly production capacity

They have a monthly production capacity of around 30 million units. They are a fully integrated private label sanitary napkin producer capable of serving both large Indian and international labels as well as small start-ups looking for a reduced MOQ.


Manufacturing, quality control, a testing lab, dispatching, packing, and warehousing are all part of their cutting-edge infrastructure. Their plant is built to BIS GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, with visible indicators for functional rooms, access management, and area-based management to assure air quality and sterilization coverage across the facility. Their 25,000-square-foot factory houses innovative auto sanitary napkin production lines that can make goods with a variety of requirements at speeds of 300-400 pieces per minute, with an annual capacity of over 30 billion pieces.

Warehouse facility

Their warehouse is equipped with an ERP data management system and goes through the ground and wall insulation, anti-dampness, and anti-insects procedures to assure product sanitation and quality during storage. The foundation for product quality is laid by raw materials. They buy their raw materials from high-quality suppliers and inspect them thoroughly before using them.

Quality consciousness

Their QC division is well-equipped with the most up-to-date lab facilities and testing tools to conduct quality checks on finished products and ensure that the napkin given to the client is defect-free. Before being dispatched, each napkin is inspected and tested against a set of criteria. They closely follow the concepts of self-inspection and mutual inspection across processes, meticulously manage every manufacturing detail, keep track of records throughout the process, and ensure product quality consistency. To comply with their quality and hygiene standards, hygiene professionals are required to follow specific clothing and disinfection procedures.

Reasonable price

Maintaining great quality at a low cost is a difficult task today, but Wager consistently succeeds. They are continually thinking about how to make the client’s business more profitable. Wager is one of India’s most well-known napkin private label manufacturers, delivering high-quality napkins at an affordable price.

Ethical & Sustainable Business Practice

When dealing with international clientele, fair and honest trade practices are essential. Wager takes the lead on this front, as a certified export house with an Import Export Code. Internally, the company uses the most up-to-date ERP and accounting software to provide smooth, transparent, and process-driven operations.

Client Satisfaction

Throughout the manufacturing process, Wager keeps a continual connection with the client and their team. They obtain client permission at each stage of development before moving on to the next, giving clients complete freedom to be completely happy before beginning bulk production under stringent ODM guidelines.

. Website: https://www.wagerindia.com

. Founded: 2009

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