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3. Anil Sharma Founder Warofthe Wits Solutions Private Limited The 10 Best Leaders in E Learning Industry 2022

Removing the worry of your ward by making them future warrior

Please throw some light on the company profile and products/services.

WaroftheWits Solutions was established in June 2018 by three friends with a vision, to disrupt the digital education industry. Ever since its inception, the company has been perpetually growing and scaling new heights in the Ed-tech industry. We featured amongst ‘Top 20 most promising Edtech Startups of India’ in 2019, and since 2020 we have consistently featured amongst the Top 10 E-Learning Portals of India. In 2022, we have also emerged as the top “EdTech Company of the Year” apart from ‘CEO of the Year 2022’ and ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2022’.

Please brief us on the motivation behind the commencement of this business venture.

WaroftheWits Solutions Private Limited was founded in June 2018 by three friends with a vision to disrupt the digital education industry and make learning simple, easy, affordable & fun!

Please enlighten us on your various e-learning offerings?

WaroftheWits Solutions Private Limited is an innovative Ed-tech domain leader that develops cutting-edge (e-Learning, LMS, IMS, SMS, CMS – all in one suite), one-stop & turnkey solutions for students, schools, coaching institutes, olympiads & competitive exams (JEE/NEET) aspirants.

Apart from 50+ e-Learning courses for individual students, WaroftheWits offers the following features for schools, tutors, trainers & coaching institutes:

  • Ready-made notes, auto-evaluated assignments, objective & subjective tests, group revision activities, games, quizzes, and competitions.
  • Live video classes, digital notice board, attendance, admission, student and
    fee management.
  • Practice-oriented, adaptive & machine learning, automated workflows & real-time reports.
  • Various researched techniques applied for higher comprehension, retention & recall.
  • Co-branding, white-labelling support, improved educator-parent-student collaboration, etc.

 Please enlighten us on the differentiating factor that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Following are some of the differentiating factors of WaroftheWits vis-à-vis other players:

  • Multi-user, interactive, individual & group learning & teaching platform
  • Researched techniques for higher retention (learning styles)
  • B2B (WoW Advantage) & B2C (WoW upSCORE) revenue models are supported
  • Objective and subjective assessments for a comprehensive evaluation
  • High visibility of efforts, progress, speed, accuracy, coverage, rank

Please enlist the types of online courses offered by the company.

WaroftheWits offers online courses for 06th to 12th classes (including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Economics, Accounts, Business Studies etc.) apart from IIT-JEE (Engineering), NEET (Medical) & Olympiad/NTSE preparation packages. 

Please highlight the achievements and accolades attained by the company so far?

  • 50+ online courses targeting CBSE & various  state boards.
  • 60000+ students, parents, teachers/tutors already on-board.

Most prestigious institutes & school chain of India are our clientele. Some of our recent recognitions include: –

  • EdTech Company of the Year [2022]
  • Entrepreneur of the Year [2022]
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Year [2022]
  • Top 10 Leaders in E-learning Industry [2022]
  • Top 10 eLearning Portals of India [2021]
  • Top 20 Most Trusted Digital Education Solutions Provider [2020]
  • Top 20 most promising EdTech Startup of India [2019]

Please share brief information about the Key officials of the Company.

The CEO of company, Mr Anil Kumar Sharma, has credentials such as MCA, MBA, EPLM, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, and a dozen more. Has rich experience in heading product management & delivery, R&D centres of various IT, training and consulting MNCs.

The CFO of the company, Mr Sandeep Goyal has strong business acumen; he is a strong visionary and is involved in multiple businesses spanning across different industries and has a keen interest in the emerging
EdTech arena.

The CTO of the company, Mr Sanjay Kumar, has 20+ years of experience in IT development and architecting software solutions using Microsoft Technologies. He also specializes in Cloud (Azure & AWS), AI, ML & Data Science.

What kind of work culture exists in your organization?

As per the CEO, Mr Anil Kumar Sharma, WaroftheWits Solutions is typically a hybrid of people and task-oriented organizations. While a people-oriented organization focuses on the motivation of its employees to maintain productivity and perform well, a task-oriented organization focuses more on efficiency and puts tasks, processes and workflows first. .

The overall culture of our organization is aligned with its mission, which, in turn, should be clearly communicated to both your employees and clients. If your employees struggle to define your mission, or if you’re getting answers that vary a lot, it’s a good idea to look into the reasons for this.

Please shine some light on the future course of the company.

As per WaroftheWits CEO Mr Anil Kumar Sharma, there is enormous potential in the EdTech arena in the coming years. We are already selling across 25 cities in India and plan to target more schools and institutes in tier II/III cities. We plan to explore further and expand upon the under-invested channels (B2C, corporates, affiliates etc.). Scale out our presence beyond India – across
the globe.

Share some words of wisdom that you would like to convey to the aspiring entrepreneurs and readers of our Magazine.

WaroftheWits CEO says “Dear aspiring entrepreneurs, we are coming out of COVID19 pandemic and the business is bouncing back to normalcy. So it’s a great time to start or expand your venture. However, I do not commence anything in haste – do a detailed market research & feasibility study, competitor analysis, etc before you dive in.

Our foundation team researched for more than 1.5 years, visited several countries, studied education systems of a dozen countries, and carried out alpha & beta tests on 500+ students before formally rolling out the platform. Still, we faced a lot of hurdles & setbacks and learnt hard lessons in due course. So prepare wisely before you make your next move and then stay invested, as sooner or later things certainly do turn around! ”

Year of Founding2018
Funding InformationSelf-funded
Founding MembersAnil Sharma, Sandeep Goel
Office LocationNoida, Ghaziabad, Delhi
Company Strength11-50 employees

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