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WayCool Foods & Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s fastest growing Agri-Tech companies, driving social impact while transforming India’s food economy. Founded in July 2015, WayCool aims to build the world’s largest food development and distribution Services Company and positively impact the lives of 500,000 farmers. With this goal, WayCool’s operation has spread across product sourcing, food processing, branding and marketing, last mile distribution, and farm inputs. This gives WayCool end-to-end control over the food value chain.

WayCool currently handles 350+ tonnes of food products per day, across 18,900 clients, and from a network of 50, 000+ farmers in more than 50 regions in India. WayCool’s products include staples like rice, pulses, wheat flour, dairy, and value added products.

WayCool has adopted a tech-enabled supply chain approach, merging the physical and digital worlds for a “phy-gital” business model. Our company utilizes robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to provide value to our suppliers and clients. WayCool clients expect the very best – and we deliver it every day.

Core Values

WayCool works mainly on three core values Humble, Humane, Hungry. Company highlights these points in this way:


We strive to brighten the day of everyone that is involved with WayCool. From dramatically increasing farmer’s incomes to providing our employees with one of the most extensive insurance plans available in all of India, WayCool wants to make everyone’s day a little fresher.


WayCool understands that a healthy planet provides healthy foods. WayCool works hard to ensure that it operates with the future in mind. From implementing strict water recycling policies in our distribution centers to educating our farmers on sustainable practices, we are driven to keep the Earth green.


WayCool is driven to use technology to change the world. From creating ground-breaking software that helps increase farmer’s income, to innovative quality management and food safety technology, WayCool is on the cutting edge of technology in India.

WayCool’s Initiatives

Farmer Engagement

WayCool is engaged with a base of 50,000 farmers, out of which nearly 1,200 small and marginal farmers have partnered with them on an agricultural extension program name das Outgrow. Area of around 2,800 acres is under Outgrow programme which consists of more than 150 villages from 5 states which produces 34 types of crops.

Outgrow’s initiatives help farmers across the Seed to Sale process. Leveraging the technical expertise and advisory actions from mentors, farmers can not only increase their produce but also boost their sale. Few of the steps in the Outgrow program are mentioned below.

Soil Health Check

Healthy soil is one of the most important elements for farming. It is the fundamental step to test the farm soil in order to address the nutritional adequacies in the soil, and help farmers rationalize fertilizer use.

Cultivation Planning

With no access to information and data, the farmer is generally dependent on the vagaries of nature, middlemen or neighbouring farmers to decide what to grow on his own land.

Our agronomists work closely with the farmers to understand their current cultivation pattern, restructure their cultivation mix, and help create opportunities for continuous supply throughout the year.


WayCool enters into contracts with farmers to grow produce that is delivered to a Collection Center very near to the farms. This ensures that the farmer has very low or no transportation cost and lowers wastage. This is one of the best practice for the farmers; as they are able to sell their produce according to the market demand. With such an advanced demand forecasting tools, WayCool has managed to help farmers liquidate their produce completely.

Market Access

WayCool has its presence in 134 towns with access to 11,000+ outlets, due to which they are able to provide a wide reach to the farmer’s produce. During the covid-19 situation, WayCool kept there farmer’s trade alive by reaching out to their farms and move the produce to different markets for liquidation.

Environmental Impact

WayCool formed a team to build solutions that have a perennial impact on the environment and the society. The team is named as Environment, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG). They have a set of goals to achieve:

• Achieve Net Energy positive before December 2024 by achieving continuous reduction of energy consumption and continuous increase in production of renewable energy.

• Achieve Net positive Water before December 2024 by continuous reduction in water consumption and continuous increase in ground recharge.

• Carbon Negative before December 2025 by monitoring the consumption of all resources, adopt relevant technologies which will enhance carbon credit.

• Achieve continuous reduction in wastage of agricultural produce procured by the company by adopting innovative technologies throughout the supply chain from farm to fork and adopt 3R techniques to ensure that whatever minimum waste generated is converted into compost manure that can be reused by farmers.

Industry:Food & Beverages
Company size:1,001 – 5,000 employees
Headquarter:Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Type:privately held

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