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Commencing a business is never an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and collective effort to make resources available. It is tough to survive in an industry that has a high range of volatility and depends on multiple external & internal factors. The tourism & hospitality industry is one of such volatile but growth-oriented industries globally. 

New emerging players are disrupting this industry with the help of technology. Their innovative ideas and concepts are getting well designed according to the customer requirements. WB Hotels & Resorts is one of such innovative companies that has a presence in the hotel chain industry of India. 

We had a series of questions for this rising startup in India where we got to know some interesting, and for our enthusiastic readers, motivating and knowledgeable information. Let’s jump into the Q&A session, which we had with the Co-Founder & Director of WB Hotels & Resorts, Mr Chandan Pandey. 

About the Co-Founder & CEO

Completing his post-graduation in MSc in Hotel Management from Annamalai University and Alumnus of NIT, Mumbai, Mr Chandan Pandey has been in the position of General Manager at a very young age. He possesses excellent networking expertise in hotel operations, technical service, owner relations, administration & Asset Management. 

Mr Paney has performed work from the northern part of India, stretching it down to the southern part of the country. Having a phenomenal drive for results, he holds experience in the hospitality industry for more than two decades. 

Speaking of his work experience, he co-founded the hospitality division, responsible for a strategic alliance, business growth initiatives, planning & launch of new hotels, and overseas hotel operations. 

He performed as a General Manager for The Orchid, Pune, with 410 keys & one lakh sqft of banqueting space. He even jointly worked with leading brands such as Mercure Dwarka as VP – Asset Management, Wyndham Hotels, Sahara Star, Mumbai, and General Manager at Sarovar Hotels. 

Start of WB Hotels & Resorts 

Once anyone starts a new business, it is always with a lot of challenges and problems. Since I have been in hospitality for more than 22 Years with leadership experience of over 17+ years, it taught me to handle all hurdles. My approach is simple: every problem has a solution; we need to find the right solution.

Lesson learned: Have patience, Believe in yourself and your product. Ready for rejection and keep on improving on product offerings. A successful company always fills the gap and solve problems. We are the only company solving problems for small stand-alone hotels globally.

Overcome: Patience, Having to believe in myself and the product. Build the most successful and trustworthy team. 

Business model 

Big players and chain hotels are the market leaders in the hospitality sector. Small and stand-alone players receive the least amount of attention. It has been in practice for decades. This monopoly got a breakthrough when the digital presence started expanding in the hospitality industry.

WB Hotels & Resorts offer online brand franchises to stand-alone hotel owners on the most favourable terms. They have a specified target in the basket that was unheard of for decades. 

Challenges on the path

Building a brand from scratch is always challenging and rewarding. The hospitality sector was already struggling with COVID & trust issues among budget hotel owners. Redeveloping trust was the biggest challenge.

Current Market Presence 

WB Hotels & Resorts have a network of 200+ hotels on 100+ locations expanding over 21 states of India. They are actively present in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

Covid19 effect 

They begin operarting post-covid wave 1. No one was expecting covid wave 2. But it struck hard on every industry initially. It severely affected the speed of growth for WB Hotels. 

As we know, a leader never sits ideally in critical situations. WB Hotels did the same thing. They kept studying the situation & designed some strategies to reach customers/hotels. 

They rolled out COVID KAWACH safety standards and made them mandatory for linked hotels.

Confidence in public to stay in hotels

It was a concern for many hotel owners as people were not sure about the rules and restrictions in a particular destination. Later, everyone realised that covid is here, to stay and we must find a solution to live with it. 

The Indian population even displayed, good response to the vaccination drive that started in India in January 2021. Due to this, room occupancy increased until there was a short dip in January 2022 due to the Omicron variant. However, the government is dealing with this, as there is the active participation of the public in following the rules and accepting to get the vaccine shots as per schedule. 

Indian Hospitality Industry 

Mr Pandey is optimistic about the tourism industry in India, as it has the world’s 6th largest economy and top consumption market of the world. 

With the world’s second-largest population, Indian tourist places are getting attention from domestic as well as international tourists. Even the Indian public is responding positively to travel. The cherry on the cake is India’s 100+ operational domestic airports that provide quick connectivity. Which definitely helps the hospitality industry to grow faster.

Future plans 

Presently we are focusing on the Indian market until we reach ONE LAC ROOMS under our brand umbrella. We are confident that we will reach there by December 2023. Once, we reach one lac rooms, we will expand our brand to the Middle East, US, EUROPE, CANADA markets.

Message for young entrepreneurs

Only 3 things are important: Persistent & Patience followed by Strict Discipline, then you are done.   

Year of Founding:November 2020
Founding Members:  Chandan Pandey & Aman Gupta
Office Locations: A 007, Kanakia Boomerang, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai 400072
Company Strength: 100+

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