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Simplifying Dispute Reswolution

We would like to know about your company’s inception story. What were the reasons you came up with this idea? 

WeVaad is an online dispute resolution platform that helps customers in resolving their legal disputes by way of arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. It is an end-to-end online platform that makes the entire process faster and more cost-effective for the customer. The genesis behind WeVaad lies in the burgeoning number of pending cases in the courts, which is as high as 4 crores. A litigant who’s seeking justice in courtrooms has to wait for years to see the outcome. In this process, he ends up spending considerable money that burns his / her savings and could also disturb the mental peace. We realized there is an opportunity to come out with a solution that can fill this gap which would be a faster and more cost-effective option compared to traditional court-based litigation.

What kind of services do you offer to your clients?

We offer online dispute resolution by way of arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. These three modes are governed by WeVaad rules which make the overall process time-bound and cost-efficient for both the parties. We aim to resolve legal disputes within 30-60 days depending on the type of dispute. Parties mutually can extend this period. But we recommend completing the dispute as per our Rules so that process can be expedited and it becomes cost-effective for the parties. 

What are your objectives and mission behind establishing this enterprise?

The objective behind starting WeVaad is to provide solutions to the challenges faced by individuals and businesses in traditional court-based litigation. Our other co-founder is a lawyer and she has extensive experience in representing large corporates in their cases pending before courts in India. Having seen the plight of the businesses in getting a resolution to their disputes, we thought of creating this platform to help such customers in getting faster resolution. We work on four fundamentals viz. trust, confidentiality, transparency, and quality services. Our processes and rules abide by these four values. 

Which technology do you apply in your company?

WeVaad is a cloud-based SaaS platform wherein the entire dispute resolution process is designed to simplify dispute resolution for the parties. Additionally, WeVaad also employs technology in different parts of the process to provide a seamless experience to its customers. The whole dispute resolution process, including the filing of pleadings/documents, orders, stamping of orders, etc. is conducted on the platform. Basis their relevant prior experience, WeVaad assigns a WeVaad Expert and experienced lawyers who help parties in the resolution process. WeVaad also assigns a case manager to help parties and a WeVaad Expert in administrative support. 

What unique strategies do you apply that make you stand out in the competition?

WeVaad offers an end-to-end dispute resolution platform and it relies on the following foundational principles: 

  1. Cloud-based online platform 
  2. A panel of experienced lawyers with more than 10 years of experience
  3. WeVaad Rules for arbitration, mediation, and conciliation designed to make the process faster for all the stakeholders 
  4. We maintain confidentiality in the entire process

How do you predict the growth of your firm in the near future?

Considering the current pendency in the courts, both government and the judiciary are promoting arbitrations, mediations, and conciliations before such cases are filed before courts. Hence, we see a lot of potential from both businesses and individuals. Also, due to the pandemic, most of us have adopted the digital way of doing things and it will give further impetus to our initiative. Courts across the country have started holding online hearings due to the current constraints. Hence, the future of this initiative is very bright and we encourage everyone to go for alternative dispute resolution processes to get a faster and cost-efficient resolution to their disputes. 

Year of Founding:2021
Office Locations: Mumbai and Jaipur
Company Strength: 2-10 employees

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