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1. Sharad Kathole, Director- Weather Fighter Pvt Ltd- Top 10 Most Successful Entrepreneurs Making a Difference in 2021

Providing you the best Industrial Protective Coatings.


  • Mr. Sharad believes & recommends a fun-filled approach towards the work/business. Do what you love & have an excellent time doing it. Give your best to your business & success will come.
  • There will be times when you come across challenges; perceive those challenges as an opportunity. With your strength, skills, Ability & Experience you can beat those challenges and reach success.

About the Founder

Mr. Sharad Kathole initially worked as a Pizza Delivery Boy when he was in 12th. Mr. Sharad was always relentlessly driven by his passion for fitness. Following that passion, he did jobs in the field of Fitness and Financial Institutes. Later on, while appearing for MBA in HR & Marketing, he tried multiple fields like Event Management, Real Estate Consultant, Readymade clothes but failed. While exploring all these fields, he gained knowledge of Industrial Protective Coatings.

He considered doing practical work & took the experience in the Protective Coating Industry during this time. In 2009, he founded Weather Fighter with a small team, initially taking small steps with small-sized projects & now he handles big projects.

About Weather Fighter Pvt Ltd:

Everything happens when people are at the centre of time. While exploring various careers and occupations, Mr Sharad studied industrial protective coatings and discovered that he was developing an interest in industrial protective coatings. So he worked hard from the start to figure out all the techniques & Methodologies and eventually found his own company called “WEATHER FIGHTER PVT LTD“.

Experts from Industrial Protective Coating Solutions, founded by a team of creative experts; they are a fast-growing company with long-term strategies. The company has successfully provided customers Protective Coating Solution services to the food, chemical, packaging, textile, and many other industries in India for the past decade.

Goals & Vision

They have a goal to serve all industries with the innovative, high-performance protective coatings.

They want to support industries by providing: Longevity and Quality to their entire facility with their exclusive Protective Coatings Solutions. They are aiming to offer the most practical solutions for the protection of any structure or surface, ensuring the long-term protection of structures and avoiding costly repairs or replacements. Weather Fighter is growing ethically in the field of protective coatings and for them the quality offered to the clients is number one priority. They have a vision to achieve a turnover of 200Cr in the next decade.

Market Presence

Weather Fighter has been in this industry for 12 years and has seen regular changes over time. Today, considering various climatic conditions such as heavy rains, high ultraviolet, and hot temperatures, and other environmental disasters, there is a great demand for industrial Protective Coatings with good workmanship.

Change is always trending and Weather Fighter is always ready to evolve their business to the current model.

Products & Services


They offer High Performance, Heat Resistant, Chemical resistant, Water & Moisture Resistant Coatings in a wide range of applications; such as roofs (Metal/Concrete), Flooring, as well as exterior of buildings, Plant machineries. All their products are unique and offer great “techno –Commercial” benefits. 


While talking about the strategies implemented to create strong market presence, Mr. Sharad responded on what strategies they follow.

We are particularly concerned about the progress made in industrial research. Depending on Client’s needs, we can offer you new and unique protective Coatings Solutions. We understand the pinch point of the market for the uninitiated. We study the requirements of our customers to provide value-added solutions using value-oriented products.

Opinion on market situation

India’s Protective Coating market is estimated to witness significant growth. Growing demand from the construction industry, coupled with rising infrastructure activities, is driving the demand. The application of protective coatings is primarily required in the construction industry for high-end finishing in roofs, decks, bridges, floors, and other applications. It also has demand in industry sectors like automobile, chemical & Oil Industries, FMCG for floor coatings.

Client Testimonial

To know whether your products and services are performing better you must get customer feedback. Only your clients and customers can tell whether you are delivering the correct market need or not. We asked Mr. Sharad regarding the list of retained clients and their response. This is what he conveyed to our question:

We have garnered multiple industry players like Garware High Tech, Sunfresh Agro Industries Ltd, Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd, Ball Beverage Packaging (India) Pvt Ltd, Castrol India Ltd, Sunfresh Agro India Ltd, Technocraft Industries Pvt Ltd, Venkateshwara Hatcheries, with Industrial Waterproofing, Heat Insulation Coating, and Epoxy Flooring & Electrical Insulation Coatings.

They received the best results with our coatings. We are getting repetitive business from them; throughout the project execution with consistent communication, understanding their requirements & finding underlying issues we have served our clients.

Team Efforts

Words of appreciation for your employees boost their morale and indeed improve performance of your organization. Mr. Sharad appreciates’ his team in these words:

We have been catering to the coating needs of the industry, assisted by an army of dedicated site engineers, Site Supervisors, Expert Applicators & Helpers. The activity involves Cleaning, Application, & commissioning of the surface coatings. Our team works hard dedicatedly together towards a mutual vision & goal that is teamwork. No season, No reason can stop their hard work. They work according to the client’s plant work schedules like Day or Night. It is their efforts and hard work that gives the company new heights. 

Expansion Plans

  • Double the Revenue Growth year over year. 
  • Creating valuable relationships for businesses & people by providing efficient Protective Coating solutions.
  • Expanding our work areas in South & North India.
  • Rapidly increasing our clients across varied Industries; beyond our existing clients.
  • Expanding our Team. 
Year of Founding: 2009
Founding Members: Mr. Sharad Kathole.
Office Locations: Pune
Company Strength: 45

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