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Solution to avoid water wastage and preventing water for the future purpose

WEGoT’s smart water meters help you manage water consumption and quality in real-time with utmost ease. Their innovative solution for real-time water management puts the control in your hands by providing a bird’s eye view of the entire water distribution system from source to use. Save water by taking timely action. Their app enables you to effectively monitor, control, and modify your water consumption based on user insights. Their simple yet futuristic metering system is for everyone – from single homes to multi-unit apartments and commercial complexes.

Your day is responsible for urban living begins with the holy trinity of resources – water, electricity, and gas. WEGoT has developed a convenient platform that integrates all 3 resources and helps each household to measure, manage and protect these vital resources at their fingertips.

While the world is already facing water scarcity issues, reducing water consumption is the only way to tackle the ever-increasing water crisis. Mechanical metering of water consumption has been widely followed, but is the water consumption information from mechanical meters accurate?

There is a vast difference between a mechanical water meter and an IoT-based smart water sensor. IoT sensors provide users with a wide range of functions using advanced technology that solves the problems of traditional meters and the pursuit of sustainability. As a result, examples have shown an impact on water savings in various communities, benefiting users with a dramatic reduction in water use. This proves that the technology has the potential to reduce large amounts of water wastage and personal spending on water, and achieve the vision of creating a world with enough water when widely used.

How does WEGoT Aqua work?

Sensors in a branch line of plumbing verticals are connected in a series loop to a LoRa duct unit, which relays data to the cloud. From the cloud, data is sent to mobile and web apps, providing users with actionable information.

WEGoT Aqua Cloud is building a sustainable and responsible community:

  • Track Water Supply: Track supplies from various sources including a municipal corporation, tanker lorry, and borewell.
  • Monitor As A Community: Get a bird’s eye view of consumption levels across the entire property – individual apartments, clubhouses, irrigation.
  • Inspire Your Teammates: Inspire others to save more with their report on the topwater conservationists and consumers.


WEGoT values they’re at WEGoT take pride in their work and they strongly believe that it is because of its people and values. They provide you with real-time data about the water you’ve signed up for and tools to save money by preventing water wastage regularly.

Website- https://www.wegot.in/

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