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“Healing your inner strength by giving the right suggestions through yoga, diet.”

Wellzee was created to meet the goals and challenges of health, stress, and nutrition and to serve people at different stages of life. The approach is simple, safe, and effective. The idea of providing luxury services on an online platform is to meet the time, place, and cost requirements.

About The Founder

Entrepreneur, health professional, and interested in empowering people, as I call myself today. My journey started with 17 years of banking and finance experience and a Master’s degree in Management Science.

Having worked with well-known Indian and multinational organizations at higher levels, I had the opportunity to apply for training courses and projects and now have the Six Sigma Black Belt with the highest ratings and scores in the country. The Six Sigma Black Belt and other professional training, soft skills, communication, body language, leadership, public speaking, and more have shaped me. That’s why I also work at various institutions for soft skills, risk management, entrepreneurship development, and corporate finance.

My experience includes knowledge of even the smallest business details. I am currently in a business leadership training course for founders and startups. I am also an entrepreneurship coach for the Times of India Entrepreneurship Initiative.

In addition to this professional experience, I have had the honor of spending time abroad and practicing yoga and similar exercises since my youth. I did yoga when I was 13 and started strength training when I was 16. Over the years I’ve done weight training, cardio, spinning, and a lot more.

Yoga, nutrition, and exercise have always been my strengths, especially at a time when I was struggling with clinical depression, drug addiction, and chronic health problems, including in the recent past. At some point, I decided to turn my passion into a job, which means that today I am a well-respected yoga and nutritionist.

Founder’s Interest

I am now fully committed to yoga and the development of young entrepreneurs and would like to get in touch with like-minded people and organizations.

Company’s Inception

Health, obesity, and stress are challenges for individuals and governments. We tried to find out what helps people to improve their health. We have had formal and informal interactions with hundreds of people and health professionals and Ayurveda over the months. These reviews have helped us deliver luxury services on an online platform to meet time, place, convenience, and efficiency requirements.


• Integrated approach: There is a strong link between health, diet, and stress, so we are adopting an integrated approach.

• Ancient Yet Modern: All of our offers are based on the best teachings of ancient India 10,000 years and older in health care, stress management, longevity, and diet management. But it is presented in a way that is convenient for the 21st-century person.

• Practical Approach: Simplicity and convenience in terms of time and place and something built into your normal lifestyle. If you can accomplish something that isn’t preaching or difficult, do what you can. According to the result-oriented.


• Wellzee Diet

• Wellzee Yoga

• Wellzee Stress Management

Website: http://www.wellzee.com/

Founder: Mr. Gaurang Chandra

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