What is smart city?

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How does it start?

Smart devices are all around us. From our television, cell phones to our Air conditioners & Washing Machines, everything is becoming smart. All the credit goes to electronic and electrical engineers who worked hard & smart, to develop essential technology that helps us in our daily life. Covid19 virus has forced us to extensively use the technology for our daily tasks such as education and working. 

While the devices are getting smart, why shouldn’t we have our city smart so that we can address the issues facing for a long time? Technology has changed our perception and even solved problems of many; like employment and better life standard. It was now time to upgrade our cities to keep them ready for the change that is about to happen in the coming years. 

What is a Smart City?

The Smart City uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and provide better services and benefits to citizens.

The primary goal of a smart city is to optimize the city’s functions and support economic growth while improving the quality of life of citizens through smart technologies and data analysis. The value lies in how this technology is used instead of how much technology is available.

Why do we need smart cities?

The answer is simple; research has revealed that more than 70% of the Indian population could be residing in major cities of India by 2050. The numbers could vary as the Government of India has launched several schemes and implemented policies to boost the revenue of villages in order to keep migration under control. The implementation of various schemes & policies has been in progress and growth is visible. 

Still, there are chances of migration as the living standard and resources available in the city can hardly be available in the suburban & rural regions. 

Better Infrastructure 

Infrastructure is the first element of a city that makes it attractive & important. A city with better infrastructure facilities such as water & sanitation, uninterrupted electricity supply, road & other transport connectivity are the preferred destination to settle down by the organizations and individuals as well. 

Smart Solutions 

Problems are getting big and solutions are less. Cities that can solve their issues will be preferred to reside as the problems in it won’t stay for long. One such issue addressed by the city of Indore has turned heads. Their garbage and other waste management practice has inspired many to create such a model that can make their surroundings better. 

Provides equal opportunities 

Everyone likes to live where they get equal opportunity to prove themselves. Smart cities are being planned in such a way that it will create opportunities for all and keep the environment healthy for citizens, businesses, and administration. 

Do we really need smart cities?

The smart city concept was taken seriously by the NDA government which is under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi since 2014. He is confident about the plan of creating 100 smart cities in different regions of India that will cater to millions of population. 

Yes, the need for smart cities is a necessity as the young population in the country is getting prepared to enter into the world of career. The jobless skilled population has no future; such a situation can lead the nation towards unprecedented events that can damage economic growth. Creating cities for opportunities is a smart move and has the potential to keep the country’s vision of gaining economic stability. 

– By Parag Ahire

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