Why a leader?

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Leaders are the best of the personalities with a dedicated mindset to achieve a specific task or goals with self-skills and team contribution. In this article, we will look into the factors that could help us find out, why a leader in you must be kept alive?


Since our childhood, we have witnessed several occasions where a particular individual matters the most. To make it understandable, let’s assume a sports team. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and several cricketers are considered role models. These individuals influence the younger generation. 

The Indian cricket team has a presence of more than 9 decades and is about to complete its century in cricket history. Post-independence, Test cricket was the only game being played in cricket. The British brought the game of cricket in the mid-1700s to India. Later, in 1971 ODI (One Day Cricket) was introduced by ICC. India participated in the ICC ODI World Cup but barely won any match. 

1983 & 2011 ODI World Cups are memorable for Indians as we won those. The reason was our Captains: Kapil Dev & Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They took charge and led from the front. A leaders’ vision & planning is the toughest part to achieve a particular target. These two personalities showcase a glimpse of how an ideal leader should be. 

Target Specific 

have you ever noticed how your college seniors or your seniors in the office behave? There is always a difference between a leader & a boss. Leaders are at every level. No matter what position they are in at the moment. It is the situation & skills that make them different in the group of individuals. 

The mindset of a leader eliminates the distraction that helps in focusing on the target. In the corporate world, very few are seen with this leadership trait.

Power of Creativity & Acceptance 

Understanding a leader is never an easy task. Leaders try to think out of the box that could lead to the desired outcome different than the traditional one. 

A leader is the one who holds the responsibility for his team & decisions he/she takes. MS Dhoni is the perfect example in this field. You can listen to his post-match presentation, where he always took whole responsibility for losing the match. On the other hand, he gave credit to the team when they won. MS Dhoni always stunned us with his decisions on the field that gave us the expected results. That is a leader who truly understands the creativity, risk and the team’s ability. 

Knowledge & Awareness 

Knowledge is the constant companion for growth. Leaders understand this before acquiring the position. Hence, their priority is consistently gaining information & knowledge. Whether the changes take place in the industry or within the company, leaders are the first to keep track of the happenings.  

Leaders strive for knowledge that never evades. Being aware of the situation & acting accordingly helps achieve the target & reduces the risk. Keeping the mind calm & composed in any given situation helps process the information and make decisions without any burden. It can only happen when you have complete knowledge & awareness of the situation. 

Final Thoughts 

Starving for success is worthy when you make it with the help of a team. We, humans, are social animals. Our lives revolve around living creatures. Considering each other’s point of view never stops us from reaching the desired target. 

Keeping your mindset as a leader reduces the chances of failure. Leaders never fear failing. They strive for experiments and make the best out of what they have. We can call the team leaders the best HRMs (Human Resource Managers) as they have a complete idea of “how to manage a group of individuals effectively to achieve a common goal.”

– Parag Ahire

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