Why AI supremacy?

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Artificial Intelligence or we can say AI, has been a key ingredient for many technological advancements. We barely see any industry or sector that has not implemented AI systems to boost their field’s performance. The engineers are extensively working on artificial intelligence to improve its performance level. If we scroll down some top websites, we can have pop-up messages from chatbots. Those chatbots send a auto-generated message when you visit for the first time on that websites. That is a small piece of AI.

Before drilling deep into this AI supremacy topic, we must have at least some knowledge on geopolitics that is triggering it. Electricity was the revolutionary element of human life that gave wings to development. Now, we have AI in place that holds the power of revolution. However, this revolutionary development has some dark sides too. 

We will be having a discussion on AI & its efficiency to solve human and human-generated problems in this article, taking into consideration its political angles. 

Who’s in the race?

At the current point, the world’s two biggest economies are betting on AI technology that could lead them ahead in the digital world. The USA & China have a strong presence in the technology market even though, in terms of research & development, other countries are leading like Japan, Germany, and Taiwan. 

China has shown its aggression in border areas with its border-sharing countries, including India, South Korea, Taiwan & even Russia. And even it had played the debt card to seal the land of Africa and some European continents. No surprises here, why China is aggressive in developing its AI technology. 


According to reports, China has set a target to become an AI leader by 2030. The orders from the Chinese government are loud & clear to prioritize artificial intelligence and make it happen till the deadline set by them. 

The USA, the current leader in AI technology, fears China’s development in the AI industry as it could not benefit the west and its agendas at large. The USA has been developing technologies for decades and took the privilege of having the most developed tech in hand. 

Who is gaining?

AI was under development for multiple reasons. Human development was not at the priority. If it was, then we might not have witnessed some technological threats that we are about to witness in a short period. India has witnessed China’s aggression, and even African nations got the idea of the China & AI expansion plan. 

China has a clear vision to gain the top position by replacing the USA as the strongest economic power in the world. And will do anything that could help them reach their specified target. AI development is even utilised by powerful nations to dominate the developing & emerging economies. Developing economies are getting the least amount of benefit from it. 

Final thoughts

Technological advancements are necessary for human growth. AI has already shown its ability in the education, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. AI supremacy with an aggressive mind-set has no positive future for the world. 

India, the largest exporter of software, could be the next competitor in this race that has the potential to make a strong presence in the AI industry. Healthy competition always strives for the best out of it. The current trade war between the USA & China has not been beneficial for any economy in the world at large. It has created some opportunities. However, that will not even last for a long time. 

Political leaders must understand the situation and start working on technological advancements that will protect them from consequences that are on the verge to happen. As cyber-warfare is in the hands of technology dominant nations, like the USA & China no one has the security to trust on the tech part completely.  

– Parag Ahire

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