11. Shruti Kapoor CEO Wingman The 10 Most Influential CEOs Making a Difference 2022

Targeting the infrastructure for better sales & marketing

Wingman is a real-time sales coaching tool that gives sales reps the right information at the right time, while they are on call. Wingman proactively alerts managers to risky deals and calls requiring coaching. Wingman is always there on every call, constantly assisting your representative while interacting with customers. They help you change sales behavior at the moment through monologue alerts. Train your reps on sales objections while they are on the call. Win this quarter and the next. Unless you enjoy a post-mortem after you’ve lost a deal.

While there are many benefits to sales analytics, let’s look at the four most prominent ones. Using lead scoring algorithms, organizations can find the right leads. These algorithms tap into historical sales data at a granular level with external data sets to paint a complete picture of each customer. As a result, the sales team can find and prioritize the best deals as early in the sales process as possible.

According to McKinsey, some companies are experimenting with AI-enabled agents, which combine predictive analytics and natural-language processing to automate lead generation by handling basic customer queries and automating initial pre-sales queries. are. Sales analysis can help organizations find upsell/cross-sell opportunities to increase a customer’s lifetime value using the next product-to-buy algorithm. It can also reduce churn by considering customers switching to competitors and reaching them before it’s too late.

For example, a global chemicals company set up a predictive model using over 30 variables, identified ten key factors that pushed customers away, and compiled a list of ‘at risk’ customers. Regional sales managers quickly come up with a plan to engage with these customers and ensure they remain brand loyal, reducing churn by 25%. Sales performance analysis is a better way to track and improve the effectiveness of your sales team reps. For example, using a platform like a Wingman helps you monitor sales calls, metrics such as total calls and talk-to-listen ratios, and spot patterns that separate won deals from lost deals.

Equipped with a 360-degree view of each rep, you can identify skills that need to be improved and find the appropriate training program. In addition, sales managers can tailor their coaching strategy to match each representative’s needs, which increases each representative’s overall productivity and efficiency. Managers can also take advantage of real-time sales coaching to walk their reps through customer-facing interactions.

Their Values​​:

  • React = move to version 2.0: Nothing is perfect and constant feedback helps in identifying paths to make things better.
  • Ask anything: Feel free to ask anyone anything and understand the reason behind what they say and do.
  • Take Ownership: Everything they do affects their customers directly or indirectly.
  • Deliver The Promised Price: Their users entrust them not only with their money but also with their information.

Their Product:


Sales analysis, when done right, can help you capture better leads, improve customer retention, boost sales performance, increase sales efficiency, and make sales coaching more effective. However, collecting high-quality, real-time data with context is central to the effectiveness of the analysis. So the first step is to focus on mapping the purpose of analytics and setting up the right use cases. The next step is to choose the right tool that meets your data and analytics needs.

A tool like Wingman can help you build an information-heavy sales analysis dashboard that brings together all the past, present, and future sales data in one place.


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