Wisdom Career Education Pvt Ltd

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“Bridging the needs of industry and professional individuals”

Wisdom Education Career Pvt. Ltd. Registered under the Indian Government’s Companies Act 1956, was founded in 2008 and aims to serve the basic needs of students, recent graduates and experienced professionals, while meeting the needs of industry and suppliers of international education. Programs and services are specifically designed to optimize the professional development of students, graduates and industry professionals while promoting international awareness and cultural exchange.

The main focus is on internships and study abroad, as well as the professional development program.

Services offered

Professional Training Program

Professional training programs combine an education and training program that promotes the professional advancement of the individual and enables the participant to occupy a professional position in the host country that can lead to a work permit and / or immigration.

Student Internships

Internships are normally intended to complete university studies and consist of a program of activities to be carried out. The student would normally return to complete the degree after completing the internship and would earn credit for the internship against the degree program.

Graduate Internship

Graduate internships are for new or long-term graduates, just like internships for students, they complete the course-related training with practical experience based on theoretical obligations. Graduates usually do not return to the degree after completing their studies. Training costs for a task plan to be followed.

Placement Sector

Employment sectors / Placement sectors include, but are not limited to, hospitality and hospitality, business and finance, engineering and construction, nursing and obstetrics, information technology, and computer science.

Website: https://www.wisdomcareereducation.org/

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