Work From Home Culture

13. Work From Home Culture- 10 Most Powerful Leaders of Successful Companies to Follow in 2022

Work From Home (WFH) was a concept only known to a few of the employees in the IT field, and the rest were traditionally working at the office. It was introduced to many after the Chinese spread covid19 virus created havoc at the beginning of 2020. Sudden shutdown worldwide was a shock to many and operations were on halt. 

No country was left behind, in this chaotic situation. After dealing with the virus for almost six months, governments slowly & cautiously reopened the market and other operations. Still, the public was in fear and refused to step out to rejoin the office or attend lectures at schools or colleges. This situation gave a boost to Work From Home culture. 

The demand 

No one enjoys working in a space where you have restrictions on movements. When we talk about private-sector jobs, it consists of several industries and sectors. Public sector jobs, that come under administrative work have no other option than working at the office. 

Employees working in large private organizations who were able to work remotely had demanded to continue their jobs remotely as the organization was not in the position to deal with this medical emergency. Even the fear of getting infected was at its peak. The teaching faculties were asked to continue their work remotely as the government was not in the position to get students and parents in trouble.  


As it was a new phase of the working environment, many were not ready with the type of equipments and tools required to work. Even organizations that were working at their initial stage had to face many hurdles on the path as they were financially not ready to sustain. 

I met with people who worked remotely and they shared experiences where the company was paying them internet charges to work remotely. Some organizations were able to provide a desktop or laptop and internet service. 

But that was not all. As the employees work efficiently at the office were not able to do so at home. Even though meetings were conducted on zoom or google meet, it was not as effective as it is at the office. 

Management issue 

Employees working remotely have to report at a particular time interval about the work done. Even employees are asked to work for more hours than they work in the office. While talking to a few about their working hours, the answer was ‘I work more hours at home, compared to working at the office’. 

Current Trend 

Thanks to these advances in ICT and Internet access, teleworking has become an accepted practice in many offices in the United States and around the world. This type of work is not completely done at home. Remote workers turn to shared bars or workspaces, and some travel the world while maintaining their job aspirations.

However, many companies have resisted for various reasons. Some entrepreneurs can fear the lack of productivity of their employees, while others do not invest in teleconferencing technology and television to support foreign staff. Nevertheless, many other companies are immersed in the foreign workforce with their fingers by creating one or two days a week, or except for some employees.

According to an overview of the buffer in foreign work, 75% of foreign staff stated that their businesses do not cover Internet expenditures and 71% said that their employers will not pay for coworking spaces for employees. These statistics are slightly better than last year, in which 78% of companies do not cover expenses on the Internet and 76% will not be paid for neighboring rooms. As the desire for work-from-home among employees grows year by year, companies are gradually adopting remote-friendly policies.

Remote working policies, on the other hand, save companies costs by eliminating the need for expensive office space (or satellite offices) and allowing employees to create their own schedules from anywhere. For someone who wants to work in such a working environment, this can be a mutually beneficial situation.

– Parag Ahire

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