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11. Srivatsan Jayasankar Co Founder CEO XR Labs Top 10 Rising Startups In Chennai 2022

On a mission to deliver digital experiences at scale

XR Labs (formerly Metarvrse) is an industry-focused AR, VR, AI, and IoT company based in Chennai, India. Founded two years ago by two mechanical engineering graduates, XR Labs is today a 20-member team of enthusiastic and enthusiastic engineers, designers, and artists, and has over 30 clients including various Fortune 500 companies around the world. Their solutions complete the training, inspection maintenance, and service and sales and marketing pipeline of industrial enterprises.

It is a digital experiences company that helps startups and the Fortune 500 alike deliver enriched experiences to customers and leverage immense business value through AR, VR, and CX transformations. In this digital age, customers see Customer Experience (CX) as a differentiator that is better than price and quality. If your business wants to remain relevant in the eyes of customers and establish itself as a formidable player in a competitive market, then CX is not a good choice but a must-have.

They provide Augmented Reality Development, Virtual Reality Development, and Customer Experience Transformation Services to enable your business to become a powerful identity in this digital age. From heavy-duty manufacturing to data-driven retail, XR Labs has an offering for all types of industries.

Industry They Serve

  • Motor Vehicle: Drive into the future of personalized automobile experiences.
  • Defense: Integrating defense training processes with digital experiences at the grassroots level.
  • Energy: Fuel the future with smart and sustainable experiences.
  • Retail: Enhance customer experience across channels.
  • Production: Accelerate productivity with the power of visual data.
  • Entertainment: Provide an ultra-personalized experience tailored to the needs of the user.

Their Process:

XR Labs is a process-focused company. They believe that a well-thought-out process is what delivers high-quality work. From idea to delivery, they follow a four-step process that never fails.

  • Search: The first step where they take an in-depth look at your business’s problems. They look at the problems from multiple angles and from the point of view of the stakeholders to understand the right approach to solve the problems. A technology-agnostic approach is taken at this time to ensure that maximum emphasis is placed on solution creation.
  • Deployment: Deployment is the last step after QA testing and refinement where they deploy the complete product in the respective platform. They help you launch mobile apps in the App Store, VR, and AR applications on mobile or websites, and go the extra mile to ensure that your business objectives are met with final deployment.
  • Idea: Once pain points are identified and relevant stakeholders mapped out, they brainstorm practical ideas that can be explored as suitable solutions. It is also the stage where ideal technologies and the experiences they provide are considered to solve stakeholder problems. The idea is viewed from a creative and logical point of view to ensure that it is efficient as well as attractive to the end-user.
  • Development: This stage is where the final solution and technology are given a concrete shape. They use detailed project management methodologies to create mockups, prototypes, and beta versions that demonstrate how the final solution will work. XR Labs has a team of developers, QA professionals, and creative minds to ensure that the solution is well-rounded in all aspects.


Its mission is to empower businesses to deliver digital experiences at scale. They are well equipped to serve businesses belonging to specific industries and with specific business objectives.

Website- https://xrlabs.co/

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