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Augmented Reality Technology Solutions

Level up consumer engagement with interactive augmented reality solutions to efficiently drive online sales.

AR Product Demonstration

Impress your clients by showcasing the value of your products with an amazing AR-powered visual experience.


Transform laboratories into a virtual experience to enhance safety and drive efficiency

AR Training

Ensure safety by upgrading to AR tech-driven modules to effectively train your workforce and save heavy costs.

Virtual Reality Technology Solutions

Engage your consumers with immersive virtual reality solutions with your products/services to rocket up your sales effectively.

VR Training

Immersive VR training modules replicating a real working environment to level up workforce productivity and safety.

Product Visualization

Present your products like never before, with an immersive experience for your clients to explore your product’s values.

Virtual Experiences

Add a futuristic touch to your events with immersive virtual experiences to immensely engage your attendees.

Mixed Reality Technology Solutions

Elevate your engagement game with Yeppar’s mixed reality-powered smart business solutions and hack growth successfully.

Remote Assistance & Troubleshooting

Level up your workforce productivity with mixed reality to remotely connect consumers, field technicians, and experts.

Real Estate – Product Visualization

Take your clients through a futuristic immersive experience with MR to ease their purchase decision.

Industrial Product Demonstration

Showcase your products with MR to present its valuable insights via an engaging visual experience.

Virtual Solutions

Take on your clients and customers the new way with advanced virtual solutions to meet the new challenges of the new normal.

Virtual Showroom

Take your store to your consumers’ home to give them an immersive virtual shopping experience.

Virtual Try-On

Drive your eCommerce sales efficiently with a virtual try-on solution and immensely engage online customers.

Virtual Events

Take your event to a global audience with a virtual event solution powered by AR and a seamless experience.

Reality solutions in inventory management:

Computer simulated realities can help industries to improve their management practices. Managing resources like tools and labour become easier through different immersion technologies. Augmented Reality assists an industry to manage its inventory in an effective manner. Through a smartphone, a worker will be able to locate a part required in a large warehouse. AR will also navigate them to take the shortest path to reach or transport a component or tool on a different portion of the industry. This will also improve the efficiency of the workers and assist them in follow complex procedures easily.

Training in a virtual environment:

Working in an assembly line or in a workshop always has risk associated with it for the worker. This risk is increased even further if the worker is a recruit and don’t have much experience with machines and tools. Virtual reality will help a worker to practice in a virtual environment by interacting with its nearby tools and machines. He will be able to grasp all the operations of the plant in the virtual world and learn the proper way of performing a task. This will also reduce the cost associated with real-life training and eliminate the risk regarding machine failure.

Designing in a virtual environment:

Virtual Reality also encourages designing in a simulated environment. By wearing a head-mounted display a user can recreate a manufacturing line in the virtual world, and locate potential hazard points even before the component is developed in real life. Designing parts in a virtual environment will also reduce the cost associated with building a prototype or model of the component, and allow the user to eliminate errors in the design itself.

Maintenance and Inspection through AR:

Inspecting and maintaining the quality of an assembly/manufacturing has become quite easier through augmented and virtual reality solutions. An inspection specialist with a mixed reality headset like HoloLens can visit its facility and safely inspect and conduct routine maintenance of equipment by following the instructions visible on the screen. This will also allow the quality inspector to conduct frequent inspections easily, at a low cost. A virtual walkthrough of the workshop can be performed more frequently by an expert.

VR ergonomics:

Ergonomics is the efficiency of a person in its working surrounding. Developing a worker-friendly environment for the worker is really essential for the company as it increases the productivity of the workers. By modeling machines in the virtual world, and allowing workers and developers to collaborate and interact with the environment, will ensure the development of a comfortable and safe to use surrounding for the workers. With virtual reality, changes made in the plans can be easily reflected in the simulation, which will allow the worker to test the device and give feedback immediately after testing it. This will also let developers incorporate those feedbacks instantaneously and test the new design again. This will eliminate the need for building prototypes, again and again, making ergonomics more economical and cost-effective.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI describes the thinking and learning ability of a computer system or machine. AI allows a machine to learn from the existing data and enables it to predict the future outcomes that are mostly correct. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in industries will enable the company to forecast the future decisions of the organization and strategically plan for upcoming production or manufacturing in the industry. Industrial AI brings the benefits of customer value creation, improvement in productivity, and insight development in a production organization.


Internet of Things is the connectivity of different machine with a shared network. It enables the machine to share data over a widespread network and operate automatically with minimum human interference. It is the extension of internet connectivity that indulges physical devices in its network. IoT allows the machines and hardware equipment of the industry to interact with each other on a shared network. These connected machines can be operated from a remote distance and work collectively which further increases the productivity and efficiency of the company.

Reality Solutions Revolutionizing Industries:

Through the help of cutting-edge immersion solutions and our expertise in digital brilliance, we are indulged in assisting manufacturing & production firms and bring a revolution to form a new batch of 4.0 industries.

Elevated Industrial Results:

The mixture of digital and virtual technologies with conventional manufacturing practices enables a company to increase its production rate at a cost-effective price. They also reduced the wastage of raw materials and boosts the efficiency of the industry.

Strategic Planning and Designing:

It creates highly personalized experiences and help in developing a new range of products and services. Construct a robust working model and prepare better strategies to revolutionize the working methodologies and improve plant efficiency.

Digitalization of Industrial Applications:

Through augmented, virtual, and mixed reality solutions digitize your industry. Our services help manufacturers with different industrial practices like training, automation, ergonomics, management, designing, and maintenance.


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