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Zaggle builds world-class financial solutions and products to manage the business expenses of corporates, SMEs, & Startups through automated and innovative workflows.


To become a global digital bank.


To build state of art financial solutions workflow and products which would help automate and empower businesses to increase efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and productivity and which would eventually help us to achieve the goal of becoming a useful global digital bank.

Raj. N, a serial entrepreneur and active angel investor, established Zaggle in 2011 with the goal of becoming a global digital bank.

We intended to bring banking to both businesses and individuals. Banking processes and workflows are currently broken, with most being manual and some being digital, making banking incredibly complex.

We learned from our expertise and interactions with various business groups that firms encounter numerous challenges in managing their financial needs and expenses.

We discovered that traditional payment and accounting systems are broken, inefficient, and slow.

Some of the difficulties that firms face include the following: We spent months investigating and analysing these issues in order to launch a unique financial revolution.

We focused all of our efforts on developing goods and services that would help businesses meet their financial needs.

We arrived by fundamentally reimagining the cash flow and cost management of the company.

By using world-class technologies, we aim to build innovative products and services that tackle the pain points of enterprises and corporations. We hope to do this through execution discipline, creativity, and quick product development.

Zaggle was created with the goal of making financial transactions easier and more automated, regardless of the technology used. It was given the moniker “Zaggle as an antidote to Haggle.”

In short

The adventure began in 2011, and the first word that comes to mind after seeing the concept is the team. We were running a successful merchandising firm called eYantra at the time, and we selected a few talented guys from the team to jumpstart it.

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 51-200 employees
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Type Privately Held
Founded 2011
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