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11. Joe Wu President Zapare Technologies The 10 Best IT Companies in India 2022

Propelling to make businesses IT friendly to explore the untapped market

Zapare Technologies works with hospitals, physician groups, financial institutions, clearinghouses, and billing agencies to streamline, scale, and improve their healthcare payment processing by efficiently deploying an array of intelligent technologies, staffing, and business process management solutions. With an innovative and automated approach, they streamline the workflow to accelerate the growth of the organization using minimal resources.

A highly specialized management team with over 20 combined years of experience in the healthcare industry, working to optimally combine digital technology, efficient resources, and efficient business processes to implement creative and proven market solutions tailored to an ever-evolving market. with proven capability. It has been their specialty to successfully tailor their solutions to support your needs, whether in the areas of consulting, product management, or service delivery.

One of their services is Revenue cycle management. It is exactly what it sounds like – a strategy that healthcare providers can use to manage administrative and clinical functions throughout their revenue cycle. The revenue cycle begins as soon as a patient reaches out to a healthcare provider to schedule an appointment.

The goal of revenue cycle management is to identify any points of friction in the provider’s revenue cycle so that they can be resolved. With proper revenue cycle management, care providers can maximize their claim reimbursement and increase their revenue.

Advantages of Zapare

  • Us Experienced Management Team
  • Safe Work Environment
  • Compliance Driven Process
  • Data-Driven Quality Review
  • Workforce Management
  • 24×7 Coverage

Economical, Dynamic, And Managed Business Solutions

  • Better Efficiency: By reducing the burden of managing support tasks, staffing, and day-to-day operations, your business can focus more on core areas.
  • Less Cost: Their solutions are designed to drive effective change in your business by ensuring cost-effective and reliable operating practices.
  • Wide Impact: By ensuring quality process management they can ensure a massive impact on your business.

Their Services:

They offer customized digital services and scalable operational strategies to prepare your organization’s ride through the waves of uncertainty in the form of disruptive technology and government regulations so that you can provide quick and cost-effective services for your consumers.

  • Revenue Cycle Managements
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Payment Posting
  • Reason Code Mapping
  • Products Management
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Correspondence Management


Zapare Technologies is a business process management organization that delivers customized solutions to meet the needs of the changing market.


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