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5. Srinivas Durvasula - Chief Operating Officer- Zen Software Solutions Inc- Top 10 Best Enterprise Software Startups In 2021

Zen Software Solutions Incis a Global IT Consulting and Solutions provider with extensive experience in ERP implementation, mobile and web applications using Cloud Infrastructure and Micro-Services Architecture for its global client base. Presence of our technical and management team across Asia, Europe and USA, makes us capable to provide 24×7 support availability in demanding solutions.

Who we are?

We are an experienced team specialised in development of customized web and mobile applications using Java, Objective-C, Swift, .NET, C#, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, JavaScript, AngularJS and Python. Our team helps to convert your business ideas into robust solutions that meet worldwide standards.

What do we do?

Our custom solutions are designed in a way to meet your requirements and offer seamless integration with your existing business processes. We understand your needs and budget constraints and are committed to deliver highest quality business solutions at lowest possible cost with smart work, dedication and honesty.

Skilled team We offer you a mix of experienced manpower at low budget that fits your pockets well. Got an idea? Share it with us and our team of experienced team will evaluate and get back to you with timeline and budget estimation.

Agile approach

We adopt agile approach to allow adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and to encourage rapid and flexible response to change.

High quality code

We adapt to software industry Best Practices and emerging technologies to deliver you solutions that have winning edge over your competition. You can now focus on new ideas the scaling your business leaving all the technical jargon on us.

No overheads

You pay us one cost and we cover all the overheads for you including manpower, office space, electricity, high-speed internet and administrative overheads making it No Overheads and Low Cost for our customers.

Sr. Salesforce Consultant & Chief Operating Officer

Srinivas strives to driving implementation costs down but not losing the focus on Customer experience. His strengths are in building end-to-end capabilities to support the solutions we develop and the customers we serve across their entire lifecycle; designing business architecture that is scalable and built to evolve with business needs that also includes tools, policies, standards, and organizational

infrastructure; Leveraging industry-standard processes for non-differentiating functions; Choosing industry-standard technology over legacy systems integrations wherever possible, so that we are not limited by the constraints of systems that may be difficult to evolve; Focusing first on the core capabilities that will be most instrumental in transforming the business, with a bias towards excellence over perfection.

Srinivas has served for several years at Dell and various other US corporations and helped to strategically analyze technical and business requirements for large and small scale projects.

By focusing on a compact catalogue of sophisticated, yet easy to use products and maintaining close relations with developers, Zen Software consistently deliver excellent levels of support to both their channel and direct customers.

How your organization does stand different than others than those who are already into this?

Zen’s professional team works with goal oriented approach to delivering successful applications using industry standard project management methodologies. Past experiences include a number of successful projects developed for all size of businesses – startup ventures to Fortune 500, including some of the major financial and insurance firms, online payment gateways, credit bureaus, stock brokers,

gaming solution providers, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing companies, and several service providers.

*This interview is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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