Zensor Technologies Ltd.

11. Ajay S Bhutoria MD CEO Zensor Technologies Ltd Best AI Based Surveillance Companies in India 2022

Parntner that every brand demand

Zensor Technologies Ltd. brings together award-winning creativity, digital engineering, and technology skills to drive this future into enterprises today.

They conceptualize, manufacture and manage digital products that are customer-focused and future-ready for over 130 leading companies, harnessing the power of experience design, data engineering, and advanced analytics. Their cross-functional team of full-stack developers, application engineers, designers, technologists, and consultants aligns with the latest cloud-native, disruptive, and, often, proprietary tools and accelerators – to help you move forward with agility and purpose. They are not just a service company. They are a Velocity company.

They are a technology consulting and services company with 10,000 associates in 33 global locations. Over 130 leading enterprises depend on their expertise to be more disruptive, agile, and competitive. They focus on conceptualizing, designing, engineering, marketing, and managing digital products and experiences for high-growth companies that disrupt through innovation and velocity. Their expertise addresses the growing needs of enterprises in dynamic industries such as hi-tech, manufacturing, banking and financial services, insurance, consumer services, public services, and healthcare.

Their services:

At Zensar, they believe that preserving our natural world is of the utmost importance. Climate change, carbon emissions and water pollution are the top challenges they as a business want to focus on. Rooted in their strategy, they believe they have an enduring responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations, to efficiently manage water and waste at all the locations, to handle the short- and long-term risks and impacts of climate change. Partner with businesses, organizations, and communities on their business, and taking meaningful action to drive positive change. In addition, they have made it an exercise to monitor the use of all of their resources, and they will continue to track and report their progress and strengthen their goals to drive better performance.


At Zensar, they exist for a singular purpose: to ensure that their customers thrive in a world of constant change. Their teams work together every day to create smart connections that embrace the diverse and unexpected, unlocking new ideas that lead to new directions through impactful solutions.

They believe technology exists to meet their ever-evolving human needs, so they keep people at the center of everything they do. Always going above and beyond to deliver dependable technology and solutions, they ensure that their customers are equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Website- https://www.zensar.com/

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