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“Technical & business development advisor for infrastructure sectors”



Geosynthetics-based, eastern-india-focused, “Technical & business development consultancy for civil engineering infrastructure sectors” of rivers, roads, railways, highways, hills and building constructions. It’s an unfolding phenomenon that is already entrenched on the Indian geosynthetics map under the brand name ‘ZEC.


ZEC team of 11 self-motivated individuals endowed with entrepreneurial-skills comprises of engineers and non-engineers who have since 2004, together, created a turnover of over INR 712 Cr – US$ 109 M – (only from Eastern Indian States – 8 North Eastern, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and Andamans & Nicobar Islands), given successful entry into Indian market to two renowned MNCs, and from ZERO base, established one FIBC-based company into Indian Geosynthetics market in just 4 years culminating into its Geosynthetics division becoming the ‘flagship’ of the group and further securing for it hundreds of crores of investments, and gave all of them a sustainable, growth-oriented, & super-normal-margin-based business model by innovating new technical textile-based products & delivering solutions through so-called commoditised products’ portfolios!

ZenTraac is a group of engineers having experienced the many common and uncommon ups and downs of lives involving safety and security of themselves, their families and belongings, and also the properties and installations – commercial or otherwise. Encouraged by the potential the advancements in the electronic security systems, which are expected to be combined with & enhanced by ‘AI’ in the very near future, ZEC (EAS brand of ZenTraac) finds an opportunity to serve the society. Many manufacturers, suppliers and traders exist in the market place but ZEC found a huge vacuum and upsetting gap in the quality of services, key to any security system, being offered to the customers. Keeping SERVICE at its core, ZEC has within a very short span of time emerged as a very humble brand offering a 360 degree ELECTRONIC SECURITY solution through its own committed engineers and technicians spread across entire Eastern India, Bhutan and Nepal. It caters to the entire range of security solution requirements for individuals and their articles and/or commercial installations.


ZEC wants to bring safety and security of all your belongings completely under your control, in the most natural way, at the price of a bottled water !


Hotel Security, Resort Security College Security, Industry Security, Shopping Mall Security, Shop Security, Home Security, Project Site Security, Anti Theft System-EAS


Job opportunities in GEOSYNTHETICS at various levels IN NEXT 10 years in India alone (estimated).

Highly paid Sales and Marketing frontline: over 2.5 Lac posts – Mid-level sales & Marketing positions: over 4 Lac posts – Junior level Sales & Marketing positions: over 8 Lac posts – Highly paid Design and Engineering positions: over 2 Lac posts – Positions for construction managers/ planners / experts: over 13 Lac posts – Sales coordination and accounting positions: Over 1.3 Lac posts – Positions in Production, logistics, warehousing, Quality, Tendering et al: Over 10.4 Lac posts – Training experts and consultancy: over 20,000 positions – Highly paid Site supervisors (non-Technical): over 65,000 positions – Teaching profession: over 12,000 posts- MBA +BTech in Higher level management: over 12,000 posts – Product specialists: over 5,000 positions- AI experts: over 1,000 posts – Cross-functional experts (finance, sales & marketing, production, technology & application innovation): over 1,200 positions Government Sectors to use Geosynthetics as a mandatory item in all its schemes: – All State and UT governments in their Water Resources, Irrigation, Agricultural & Road projects, sports grounds, & coast lines. – Central government units like NHAI, AAI, CPWD, CPCB et al; Indian Railways poised to be the largest user; PSUs and other enterprises like NHPC, NTPC, IOCL, GAOL, HPL, BPCL, HPCL, all state PCBs, Municipal Corporations et al; – Large and small contracting firms. – Real Estate for all new constructions. The list is endless and Geosynthetics shall be used for all applications involving SOIL, Rocks & WATER.

Consultancy for GEOSYNTHETICS…!

SOLUTION = Geosynthetics + In-situ Resources

Offering Stability, Safety, Speed & Serviceability For


With Geosynthetics (including Eco-friendly Jute Geotextiles)

ZenTraac Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd was established with the idea of catering to a segment of the market which has remained largely unattended, as a whole, so far. Technical consultancy has been in existence since times immemorial all over the world and also in India where we have had an abundance of very superlative technical minds getting together to find solutions to the most difficult of problems in all fields of engineering. Similarly, business consultancy has also been a booming sector in our country, especially after the advent of rapid growth seen since the post 90s era. ZEC combines both & strives to offer a complete solution to your business issues – right from problem evaluation, application and product approvals, techno- commercial proposals, project execution and management of this entire spectrum, be it in the technical or management field.

Consultancy to government, manufacturers, contractors, buyers, academic institutions & local communities, for:

1.Design & engineering, & consequent product selection (including QAP management), Procurement & Project Management for all Geosynthetics-based projects);

2.Training of business development team of manufacturers, traders, foreign companies, & academic institutions; &

3.Market development, Tender formulation, stocking & Selling of all forms of Geosynthetic products.

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