Zenviron Engineering Solutions Private Limited

8. Bhanu Pratap Singh, Director - Zenviron Engineering Solutions Private Limited - Top 10 Solar Energy Startups in 2022

Turnkey solution provider for Renewable & HVAC projects

Zenviron Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd (Zenviron) is a firm established by experienced professionals who have productive and leading exposure to Renewable and HVAC projects. Zenviron is one of the few companies focused primarily on renewable energy projects and pharmaceuticals – the capability and knowledge to translate user needs and deliver a well-integrated engineering solution.

They believe in delivering the project consistently, within the given time frame, with the best possible quality. Their professionals have immense expertise in this particular field and work in collaboration with each other to achieve the set goals of the company. They have years of industry experience which helps in providing better solutions to the clients. In addition, they have a huge warehouse for storing huge quantities of products purchased. Moreover, their vendor base is so strong that they can meet the bulk requirements within a specific time frame. They are well-known names in the industry and are selected by their buying agents after conducting a variety of research and surveys.

With their state-of-the-art technology, in-depth product knowledge, and a qualified team of professionals, they ensure that they provide their clients with cost-effective customized solutions within the stipulated time frame. All their engineering solutions are appreciated for their features. They ensure that all the equipment is delivered as per the industrial norms and the final inspection is done. Their quality experts always ensure to provide the best quality as well as execution of the products.

Why choose them?

  • Global Best Practices: They bring practical experience from global best practices to the table. Their team has worked extensively across the entire value chain of solar PV project development.
  • Bunch of driven Solar enthusiasts: They bring more than 15 years of solar experience to the table as a team. The team has a dynamic experience and brings expertise and understanding to the entire value chain of solar project development.
  • Long Term Value Creation: They create the best value by optimizing to maximize energy output and reliability, as well as careful design, sourcing, and execution to minimize costs.


Their solar assets are installed on the roofs of trusted customers who have high power consumption. The solar plant is connected to the installation’s internal power distribution panel and is not dependent on the government transmission network. Since their clients or ‘Power Buyers’ are reputed companies, they assure low risk (‘Power Buyer’ refers to the party that purchases power from Zenviron Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd). Bankable power purchase agreements are signed with the power purchaser, with procedures like bank guarantee, severance termination clause, and penalty/high charges associated with default on payment on the contracted power supply. The power purchaser is bound to give first priority to ‘Solar power/purchase of electricity over other supplies of electricity.

In order to achieve high performance from the solar system and keep the cost optimum, Zenviron Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd does everything from solar system design, procurement, manufacturing, and operation & maintenance. By using the best quality modules and inverters, Zenviron Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd is able to maintain a high-performance ratio at the plant. All the plants are IoT enabled and generation data is delivered over the web and mobile devices. Any errors are notified via email within seconds and resolved immediately.

With a strong corporate policy, committed team, and efficient work practices. They are sure to gain respect recognition and gain market share. Best engineering and execution is their strength.

Website- http://www.zenviron.in/#section0

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