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6. Joy Sarbadhikary CO-Founder Zeus Learning The 10 Best Leaders in E Learning Industry 2022

Zeus Learning helps publishers and edtech companies benefit from the latest technology and learning innovations. Their offerings help you do what you do better and stand apart from your competition. Some of the most creative minds in the fields of software, design, content, and quality assurance come together at Zeus to create and deliver engaging learning experiences that express your unique perspective.

They manufacture Learning Management Systems, Assessment and TEI Systems, Software Skills Simulations, Virtual Classrooms, Interactive Content, and Mobile Apps, in addition to providing Project Management Consulting and Remediation Services for Interoperability and Accessibility Compliance. In business for over 20 years, we have a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality results.

They’ve done this with the combined creativity of content developers, instructional designers, UI designers, software engineers, and strategic thinkers. They conceptualize, design, and architect engaging learning experiences for the world of web and mobile. They conceptualize, design, and architect engaging learning experiences for the world of web and mobile.

Their Services:

  • Product Engineering

Think of them as an extension of your in-house production team. They leverage cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art design to help you create products that stand shoulder to shoulder above the competition. Rapid prototyping and agile development help eliminate risk quickly, and their flexible approach combined with robust project management ensure delivery on time and within budget.

  • Software Simulation

Kepler is their high fidelity, lightweight, and 100% web-based software simulation platform for training and evaluation of popular web and desktop software that runs on all popular HTML5 browsers. It’s a great way to introduce general desktop software use to non-IT courses. Kepler has multiple correct paths to complete the task, a separate training mode with visual and audio cues, and “Show-Me” natively supported.

  • Mobile and HTML5 Development

They have been creating rich interactive instructional experiences and learning tools for many years. These experiences range in complexity from simple animations that illustrate concepts effectively, to rich games, simulations, and tools that leverage the power of computers to make complex subjects understandable. , allow students to explore and deliver engagement.

  • LMS, CMS, and TEI systems

Custom built or off-the-shelf, they can provide all the components to meet your learning infrastructure. They have extensive experience in building scalable real-time systems using cloud infrastructure that can support large school districts and thousands of simultaneous users. Their Technology Advanced Items (TEIs) support complex page layouts and multiple authoring templates.

  • Design And Usability

Whether you have an idea germ, user stories, or entire wireframes, they work with you to create a user-focused and instructional sound product that has a delightful, functional, and visually appealing user interface. Their design process is iterative, so you have complete control over your product. Their goal is to ensure that design and technology coexist to become real advocates of learning.

  • Content and Animations

Their extensive knowledge of K-16 Education helps them create engaging and immersive learning experiences by bringing to life concepts, models, and virtual environments through rich content and realistic animation. They have helped to manufacture award-winning products that are fully WCAG 2 and Section 508 compliant. Explore their range of content services that make learning fun and interesting.

  • QA and testing

They are a tireless follower of quality that lasts as long as your product is not running like a well-oiled machine. They continuously improve the final product through their deep domain expertise in educational technology, a long experience in product engineering, and their focus on understanding customer goals. Their approach to QA combines careful planning with efficient manual testing as well as test automation.


Their Quantum Age is  Bridging the gap between your needs and an off-the-shelf LMS Whether you need a simple product portal or a full-featured LMS, building your solution is expensive and time-consuming. The cost of using an off-the-shelf solution to reach the market faster may be low, but there are high usage-based fees that can become a burden. Quantum is more cost and time effective than pure custom solutions and does not bind you to ever-increasing usage charges.

Quantum is well suited to the needs of both the K-12 and HigherEdge markets. It is designed to engage all the learners and provide them an opportunity to be successful. Quantum enables seamless learning in the classrooms and remotely to support any learning flexibility plan.

Website- https://www.zeuslearning.com/

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